Ho Guozhu – a boy with half a brain

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Dec - 8 - 2011

Hou Guozhu was born in the Chinese province of Shandong in 2000 and grew up quite healthy boy like his twin brother. However, by the age of 3 he began to periodic spasms of left limbs. Ho’s parents have traveled with him all the local hospitals, but never been able to help them. In 2006 his father took the boy in the Beijing Institute of Brain Sunbeam (Sanbo Brain Institute), where he was diagnosed – Rasmussen encephalitis – a rare inflammatory disease of the brain

Ho underwent four operations in which it was removed completely right cerebral hemisphere, and subsequently – and the right side of the skull. The treatment cost for a typical huge Chinese family money and family had to sell almost all their possessions including the house, but the money still was not enough. Then the father turned to the media, in which the story about “a boy with half a brain” (as he was immediately dubbed the People) and his poor father immediately flew China and the rest of the world. Possible assistance rendered even Yu Dzhenhuan – most hairy man in China. Donations collected at the Ho was able to continue treatment for another three years

In 2011, Ho was made by cosmetic surgery, during which it was implanted titanium alloy plate, closing the right side of the skull and head imparts the usual form. Apparently, the family Guozhu worst behind – in medical history there are examples where children with only one hemisphere of the brain normally grow and develop with minimal deviations in mental and physical activity

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