How Dell defines its laptop models

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Nov - 15 - 2010

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Do you feel confused on the models of laptops? Like Dell Inspiron 1320, Latitude E5400, or Studio 15, there must be some clues under them. Then what are the differences among them? Dell is one of the biggest laptop manufacturers. And there are rules charging those names and models.
Dell divides its laptop into two types: domestic laptop and business laptop. for the domestic use laptop, there are three series: Inspiron, XPS, and Studio. Among them, Inspiron is focus on the mainstream users. XPS is designed for the game fans. The Studio fits for the high-rank purchasers. It is more expensive than that of the other two series. Since 2006 Dell purchased Alienware Company, Alienware has become one series for the game veterans. As to Inspiron series, it can be divided into Mini9, Mini12, 13, 1410, 1420, and 1525. The first two numbers show the size of laptop LCD screen panels. This is the same to Studio series like Studio15. And XPS series have some typical models like M1330,M1530 and M1730 which also indicates the sizes. While the Alienware is seldom, I will not illustrate this type.
Latitude, Precision and Vostro series belong to business laptop. The most competitive one is Latitude series in the light of durability, security, battery life as well as the remote administration. It can meet various requirements of businessmen. The Precision series is like a mobile workstation. It provides splendid applications and expansibility which is mainly applied to picture editing, video production of special effect and so on. And Vostro stands in the middle of domestic and business laptops.

Latitude series include E4200、D430 and XT that the screen size is from 9-12 inches; E4300, E5400, E6400, D630 and ATG that belong to 13-14 inches; E5500、E6500 and D830 that are 15-17 inches. As to Precision series, there are M2400 which is 13-14 inch, M4400 and M6400 which range from 15 to 17 inches.
Different series are designed for different users. I hope this can give you a reference while you are thinking about picking a new Dell laptop.

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