HTC Desire S updates the most popular smartphone of 2011

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Feb - 28 - 2011

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In the day and age when the smartphone industry is growing in an incredible pace, there has been plenty of high-end smartphones being released every day. However, you will find that only the best will survive and the HTC Desire was one of the best. It is not surprising to learn that HTC are planning to replace the model that has been so successful for them. This is because it is getting a little bit aged when compared with the new-age rivals and in order to be fit to compete with such rivals, HTC are launching the HTC Desire S. Even though this phone will be sporting the ‘S’ as the only addition in the name, it will be having quite a lot of additional features from the previous version.

The touch screen display is not the one improvement in the phone in terms of size at least. The size remains the same at 3.7 inches, but the impressive resolution of the phone at 480 x 800 pixels impressively takes the screen to another level. It is a capacitive display that will be using the Super LCD technology in order to bring the best out of this massive screen. Due to the presence of the capacitive nature, it will be able to support multiple touches on the screen, which is in a similar way to the Apple iPhone. The phone will be supported extremely well by the presence of the external memory card support of up to 32 GB, which seems to be the norm for high-end smartphones these days. The five megapixel camera in the phone seems to be the same one that was used in the previous phone, but it will be coming with improved clarity due to the employment of features like the Geotagging, touch focus and image stabilisation.

Further, it will also be coming with the 720 p HD video recording option, which will be done at 30 frames per second. There is also a secondary camera located just above the screen display and it will be capable of recording the videos in the VGA resolution. This will be used mainly for the video conferencing and video chatting facilities, which is possible due to the presence of connectivity options like 3G, Wi-Fi and so on. The phone will be having DLNA connectivity option to enable you to connect to the other high-end devices with the HTC Desire S. The 1 GHz Scorpion processor that is being used in the HTC Desire S will be more than capable of running the Android version 2.3 OS, which is present in the phone. This will be present as default and there will be no unnecessary troubles in the way of update options.

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