Huang Guofu. Armless artist, a strong spirit

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Feb - 21 - 2012

41-year-old native of Chongqing Chinese town named Huang Guofu was forced to learn how to paint with a brush with his mouth and his right leg after as a child has lost both arms in an accident.
Huang Guofu lost both hands in 4 years of age, when playing on the street with his friends, grabbed the exposed wire, which was under high voltage. In spite of this terrible accident, he made every effort to fulfill his dream – to become a famous artist.
At age 12,he began to learn using paint brush, holding it with his right foot. A talented artist admits that early in his training he could barely move his thoughts on canvas and painted pictures looked just awful. Every year he improved his skills in drawing and soon made an incredible success.

At age 18 he was forced to interrupt his studies because of serious illness of his father. Treatment cost big money, and Huang Guofu traveled to China, during which demonstrated his talent by drawing the incredible beauty pictures with his right foot on the streets of various cities. In whatever city he was working on a new painting, around a crowd of onlookers, who with their mouths open in amazement watched precise movements honed legs does the finishing touches to the canvas newly made works of art, which is then sold for a nominal fee .It was during this trip armless artist began to study painting with his mouth.

In one of the cities of China’s Sichuan province, our hero became acquainted with the Gouy Hu (Hu Guoui), a woman who, fell in love with him.”I’ve never seen such strong and dedicated men. I loved him at first sight. Hu said Gouy. – Guofu very humble, gentle and sympathetic and we understand each other without words. And yes, the lack of hands does not affect our relationship. “In 2000 they were married. Since that time, Hu Gouy became his assistant and accompanies her husband in all his travels in China.”I do not have hands, but with my loving woman who more than compensates for this deficiency,” – says Guofu.Loving wife, travels with her husband in China and help him set the canvas, brushes serves, spreads paint, in general, perform all the most menial jobs.”We complement each other, and without her help I would have simply not been able to create such a picture” – continues to praise his faithful Huang Guofu.Huang says that his wife was not only his assistant, but the muse – the source of his inspiration.The love of art, natural talent and strong-willed character helped Guofu become one of the most famous artists in China. For his services to the art field, he was awarded the post of Vice – the curator of the recently opened Museum of Talents of Chongqing (Chongqing Talents Museum). It should be noted that after the museum has become a mecca for artists work cripples depicting paintings with their mouths, feet, noses, and even the crotch.”When in your life is something wrong and before you close one door, you open a dozen others, and all you need to do – is to keep going forward, not to shed tears over the door closed, loss of opportunity or a lost limb. – And this is true!Look at me! I had a goal to which I went, in spite of everything,today I live a full life, I have a family and favorite work! I am happy and grateful to God for losing my arm, not my head. ”

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