If you love someone …. bring them to Verona!

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Dec - 3 - 2010

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“In the beautiful city Verona, where the scene is located, two families of equal dignity swoop for old grudges in a new contention that pollute the hands of the citizens with their own blood” so begins the story of Romeo and Juliet, the love story more note and moving the world.

And just in Verona, the city symbol of the deepest and all-told from the famous pen of Shakespeare, will be held January 12 to 14, the seventh edition of the spectacular event dedicated entirely to the love and gentleness: Verona in Love!

Three days that will bring the visitors will have a unique and intoxicating as the ultimate celebration of love on Valentine’s Day right in Verona, an event known around the world for numerous events dedicated to couples. A unique opportunity to seal their love in the city to the world that represents it and celebrates it. Many of the initiatives organized for the ‘opportunity to start from the famous “Heart to discover” the magnificent setting of Piazza dei Signori that offers visitors beautiful stalls of handicrafts and excellence in Verona.

In short, in Verona in Love there is something for all tastes and all ages with activities ranging from concerts to tastings included in packets passing through Valentine’s Day events that go far beyond space and time by introducing participants to the world narrated by Shakespeare and involving them in a unique atmosphere as a common line which have the feeling that can move heaven and earth: love!

Everywhere in the center there will be decorations and lights in the shape of heart, beautiful items that will be taken during the event through various events. Do not miss the breath of love, an impressive shower of confetti shaped like a heart that embraces the present in Piazza dei Signori and you can see the particular Torre dei Lamberti.

Exclusive atmosphere provided for Ball Juliet, which will be located in Castelvecchio in the picturesque setting on the Medieval Castle. A dance which, led by careful management, followed by a gala dinner full of national and international guests who will entertain the participants in engaging show. An event for charity that portion of the proceeds will be referred to the Italian Association of Medical Oncology. In addition to this gala dinner will be many local Verona Two hearts that join the initiative at the table, specially prepared for Valentine’s Day restaurants, offering menus with dishes inspired by love for couples and products typically associated with the noble sentiment.

Also interesting are the initiatives that involve the audience. The message of the Heart, which will allow love to post your message of love in the dashboard. The most romantic messages received will then be rewarded with exclusive surprises for two. Will also be an exciting initiative which will take place with the participation of the Club of Juliet, which opens the doors of his store allowing you to read the most romantic letters received over the years Shakespearean heroine.

But the event not to miss these days from art lovers and culture is the exclusive representative entrance to the monuments of the city: January 12 to 14 it will be possible to visit the home of Romeo and Juliet’s tomb for free gi and other monuments you can visit in pairs just paying a ticket. Not to be missed to pass unforgettable moments in the city of lovers!

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