In India, a wild leopard mauled six foresters

Jul - 22 - 2011

Yesterday, July 19, in a village in eastern India appeared a dangerous guest – a leopard. The frightened animal was fairly aggressive, resulting in the animal injured six rangers.

Attack of the wild leopard to foresters in the village of Prakash Nagar on the outskirts of the Indian city of Siliguri.

The leopard wandered into a densely populated village in broad daylight.

Most likely the leopard had wandered into the town from a nearby national park.

Frightened by the large crowds big cat began to attack people.

Before the workers of the Forestry Department managed to neutralize the wild beast with the help of drugs, he managed to inflict injury to six employees of the local forestry.

Recently in India the wild animals such as leopards, tigers or elephants often come into human settlements. Experts on Environmental Protection explained that urbanization and encroachment on wildlife.

Leopard attacks on representatives of forest protection in the village of Prakash Nagar on the outskirts of Siliguri on July 19.

Local residents watched in horror what was happening, crowded on the roofs of adjacent buildings.

After several attempts to neutralize the animal with a tranquilizer, a forester still managed to grab it.

Similar cases in India – are not uncommon. We can say that this cat was lucky – he survived and will be released at the will of the national park. In the picture: the Forestry Department officials are pulling the tail of a sleeping leopard.

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