Incredible stories about lightning strikes

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Sep - 14 - 2011

Ten of the most incredible stories about lightning strikes:

During a football match held in the Congo between the teams and Bena Tshadi Basanga, all 11 players of one team have been killed by lightning. Members of other teams have remained intact.

According to statistics from the past 80 years,3000 people were strike by the lightning. In the period between 1942 and 1977 Roy Sulivana, ranger from the States, was struck by lightning seven times. And yes, he survived.His name took the place of honor in the pages of Guinness World Records. He died at age 71 by shooting himself with a gun because of unrequited love.

The earth literally shook under a couple making love in the bushes, from a lightning strike. 36-year-old Jens Gottlieb and his 28-year-old girlfriend Lisa Grun, decided to stop in a parking lot near the highway A44 in the western part of Germany. Being in a state of excitement, the couple decided not to restrain themselves and retire to a park area in some bush. Hooked on each other, they did not stop even when he heard the thunder and lightning lit up the sky. But when lightning struck a few yards from them, frightened people ran naked on the road and continued to run in the pouring rain.

In August 2010, a British teenager has proved that Friday 13 may be particularly unfortunate in the afternoon. At precisely 13:13, a teenager, along with 170 000 people attended the air show at the festival «Lowestoft Seafront Air Festival», in England, was struck by lightning. Doctors thought it strange that the lightning struck at 13:13, Friday 13. And besides, the 13-year-old. The child escaped with minor burns.

Croatian motorcyclist hopes that expression – lightning never strikes twice in the same place – in his case would be true. 29-year-old Ante Dzhindzhik lost consciousness when, during a break in the racing motto, lightning struck his manhood. “I do not remember what happened. First, I was standing in the toilet, and then woke up in the hospital. ” Doctors say that the lightning passed through the body of a young man, because he wore rubber boots. Over time, all the functions of the penis will be restored.

Girl teenager survived a lightning strike due to their iPods. 14-year-old Sophie Frost and her boyfriend Mason Bilington decided to take shelter under a tree from the storm that caught them on the way home. Doctors believe that the girl survived because of the fact that the 300 000-volt lightning bolt passed through the wire of its players, without hitting vital organs.

11-year-old girl from Pennsylvania, is recovering after she was struck by lightning in broad daylight. According to most girls “was a clear sky and nothing presaged storms.” As it turned out, a child was hit by lightning from the storm, which took place a few miles from her home. No serious injuries – a broken arm and markings on her shoulder and wrist.

One of the most striking cases occurred in Croatia. Lightning went through the woman through the mouth and taken off behind. Lightning hit a house of Timarovik Natasha when she was cleaning her teeth.As a girl wore rubber slippers, and lightning could not fly through the legs – she has found the shortest path. Needless to say that the girl was burned …

36-year-old diver died on a beach in Florida,because a lightning hit the balloon with air. The man, whose name is still unknown, with three other people, dived from a boat near Deerfield Beach. When he surfaced – a lightning bolt hit him in the tank. Man died waiting for medical help.

12-year-old girl was struck by lightning twice, when she was taking a shower during a thunderstorm. After dinner, the 12-year-old Alice went down to the bathroom to take a shower. After a few moments, her parents heard a scream. In a fraction of seconds, the storm began on the street and thunder was heard near the house. Alice was struck by lightning in her hand, but her parents right away did not understand what happened.The girl escaped with minor burns.

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