Iranian ninja girls

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Feb - 19 - 2012

In Iran is formed combat unit “ninja”, staffed by women. It consists of 3,500 women, ninjas, who not only possess all kinds of weapons, but they can also move silently, and to penetrate the enemy’s rear.

A female ninja in a hijab.

They wear old clothes of Japanese ninja and learn mastery of many kinds of weapons.

Kunoichi climbs over the wall without the aid of strangers,without using their hands.

Ninja clubs exist throughout Iran. There are about 24 thousand ninja. Keeps track of all these Martial Arts Federation Ministry of Sports.

Girls show their ninja skills

The girls say the practice helps them to maintain a physical condition, and spiritual.

Muamer coach Fatima said that the girls are learning in these lessons, first of all, respect and equanimity. They learn to respect themselves.

These girls are not afraid to challenge the existing way that a woman is weak against the strong personality of men.

Trainings are held in the gym and outdoors. Girls learn concentration, strength, balance and other basic principles of the art of the ninja.

Kunoichi Group with the coach

As you can see,girls of all ages exercise.

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