Japanese kamikaze

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Mar - 23 - 2011

At the end of World War II, in a desperate struggle against the superiority of the Americans, Japan is beginning to ipolzovat young pilots who live bombs to attack the ships of enemy bombers. Many of them are still almost children.

Photo 1945. The concept of “Kamikaze” is inevitably linked with the pilots who sacrificed their lives to fight the enemy.

Young pilots are trained before the fatal mission. In the translation of “kamikaze” means “divine wind.”

The officer read out the order. The Japanese army has a lot of pressure on young men agitating for their involvement in deadly dresses.

Kamikaze-pilot before the start. The Japanese navy and air forces already defeated.The Americans captured island after island, and, except with the help of the suicide attacks, the pilots, the Japanese are no longer able to gain control over the situation.

Japanese plane exploded on the deck of the USS “Intrepid” 25 November 1944. In this case, killed 60 American sailors. The Japanese focus on the most important enemy ships, so their lives to inflict maximum damage. Although the bombers were unable to completely stop the American attacks, yet they carried with them considerable destruction and panic in enemy ranks.

A successful attack against the two suicide bombers on an American aircraft carrier “Bunker Hill”, which killed 372 and wounded 264 persons. The success of such an attack would have disastrous consequences for Japan: because of the fear of subsequent heavy losses, America has decided to drop atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Japanese soldier with an honorable tape. All pilots suicide received awards before the deadly mission.

A polite nod to the latter task. In Japan, suicide has long been regarded as heroes. Modern research has shown that not all the pilots went voluntarily to the deadly deed. Many simply did not dare to escape, following fighting spirit, or obeying orders from above.

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