Kids under water

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Dec - 1 - 2011

We offer you a selection of photos taken at the center of London’s children swimming London Baby Swim Centre in Osterley in West London.

Center specialists works with children from the age of six weeks.

Phil Shaw and Anna Torres, director of children’s swimming London Baby Swim Centre, say that after the child was nine months in the womb in the aquatic environment, it is perfect for swimming from birth.

Centre is wildly popular among parents that its founders decided to open another similar institution in Wandsworth, south London. The new center will open next year.

The water in the pool is
heated to 33 degrees Celsius. Kids are taught to float, roll in it and even dive.

Clean water is maintained by means of ultra-violet radiation. It also helps to reduce the amount of chlorine, which can badly affect the delicate baby skin.

Phil says that kids have a special reflex, in consequence of which, if water gets into the mouth, glottis and epiglottis is narrowed. Therefore, no water enters the lungs, and children often swim with their mouth open.

Toddlers, says Phil,have also so-called “reflex amphibians”, because they unconsciously begin to move their arms and legs when they are in the water, which helps them stay afloat.

All instructors who work in the heart of children’s swimming London Baby Swim Centre, previously had a special training, which lasts five weeks, where they are taught how to deal with kids in the pool.

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