Landscapes of the meal

Sep - 20 - 2011

Carl Warner (Carl Warner) – Australian photographer working in London. Carl Warner surrounding consider a little strange: the photographer may stand for a long time, staring at vegetables in supermarkets. The fact that Karl Warner, illustrator of education, master of the genre with its filing known as «Foodscapes», ie the landscape of food. His paintings are made ​​from grain mountains, trees – it’s broccoli, the waves – cabbage leaves, stones and role plays a baked potato.

According to the complexity of execution reupload landscapes of food is no different from writing oil paintings. Creating an edible landscape takes several days. First designed by selected foods. Then two or three days spent on the construction and landscape photography, with that “capricious” under the light of food Safita not and do not spoil, each scene is photographed layers. Just a few days spent on retouching and combining all layers and elements of photography.

Advertising photographer Carl Warner has been doing for over 25 years. A specific landscape of the food – the last 10 years. World famous «Foodscapes» brought to the author in 2008. Thanks to the Internet photographs of edible landscapes scattered throughout the globe with an incredible viral success. Since then, Karl Warner, no end of advertisers and agencies who want to make packaging and advertising their products the same kind of juicy, delicious as its landscapes.

Broccoli in the mountains and seascape have been made for the Finnish dairy Valio brand commissioned by the agency Sek & Grey.

Landscapes of the sausage meat and Carl Warner has done for the brand Negroni commissioned by DDB Milan.

A series of prints depicting the sights of London, was made for British TV Good Food.

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