Legoland in Florida

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Nov - 1 - 2011

Legoland in Florida – an amusement park built for children and adults. He, on the assertions of the general director Adrian Jones, significantly different from other amusement parks, giving you an unforgettable and incomparable experience. This is the second Legoland in North America, which opened on October 15. The first was opened in Carlsbad, California. The entrance to the Legoland is $ 55 for those under 13 or over 59, but for all others – $ 65.

Of Miami. Ramiro Sanchez is working on a scene of South Beach Miami from Lego bricks in Florida. It is also the largest store in the world of Lego.

Less traffic. At Legoland in Florida, there is also a model Lego-central New York, which is located about 45 minutes from Orlando.

Model of the U.S. Capitol.

The final touches. The employee completes the Lego-model paint the White House in Legoland Florida.

Welcome to Legoland! The worker makes the final touches on a sign at the entrance to Legoland in Florida.

Clever sculpture. Bust of Albert Einstein, made of Lego-blocks, stands at the entrance to the Legoland Lego Technic in Florida.

You look at me? Lego-model travel binoculars in full size.

In the jump. Stuntman on water skis in Legoland, which will run several times a day, it is also part of the attractions are Legoland in Florida.

Ready to start. Lego-site model space shuttle and its launch.

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There are only 135 known miniature boxwood carvings known to ...

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