Linus – the long-tailed horse

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May - 10 - 2012

Linus was born in 1884 and was a descendant of the long-haired breed of Oregon wild horses who roamed freely in the mountains of Oregon. A characteristic feature of this species was a unique brown color and an incredibly long manes and tails. Once these horses were domesticated, the length of the mane and tail increased with each generation. Record of their length was Linus.

Owned by brothers, Marion Rutherford ,Linus was a symbol of Oregon Beauty. Rutherford Brothers have sold the stallion to the circus on wheels, where he became the main “chip” of any program.
Well-groomed and well fed Linus has been featured in the magazine Scientific American:

In the brochure for the show was written: “During the four years of his mane and tail is increased by about 3 inches per month, and now have reached its peak. Its color – glossy chestnut-gold. The hind legs, and face – white mane and tail – a delicate linen color. His “hair” and now continues to grow, but slowly. Linus proudly holds his head and is proud of adoring eyes of visitors. His mane is 14 feet in length, and the tail – 12. ”

Of course, mane and tail were in need of a thorough clean. Every day, they carefully washed and combed it. In order to mane no tangling and it was divided into 4 pieces and collected in bundles, but even though such measures, it is still tangled.

Linus died in 1894 at age 10, but before he had produced a son named Linus II, who was said to have been as handsome as his father. As Oregon wonderful long-haired horses – unfortunately, this breed has been lost.

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