Lion as a pet

Jan - 11 - 2012

Actress and model Tippi Khedr, mother of Melanie Griffith, also known for his love of big cats. In the early 70s it was the reserve has been established “Shambala,” which was planned to contain large predators raised in captivity. The reserve is located 30 miles from Los Angeles, there are more than seven dozen predators – tigers, lions, cougars, servals and other major representatives of the cat.

From time to time in the house of the actress lived, lions and tigers. This collection contains photographs taken in the early 70s for the magazine Life. In it you will see a pet Tippy Khedr – Lion Togar.

In the photo: husband of actress from 1964 to 1982, and concurrently its agent Noel Marshall.

In 1981, screens out the movie “Roar” with Tippi Khedr. It was one of three films produced by Noel.

In the movie “Roar” Noel acted not only as producer but as a writer, director and leading man.

The daughter went to the movie the main character Melanie Griffith. Also appeared in the movie Sons of Noel – Jerry and Jim.

The film “Roar” is a thriller about a family living on a ranch with two elephants and a hundred more predatory cats. In the story of the picture, they visited by two poacher-villain whose appearance provokes aggression in animals. Family forced into hiding in the house from raging predators.

$ 17 million was spent on shooting pictures, which lasted about 10 years.

The film was not paid for itself. Grossed picture was only $ 2 million.

Recordings authoritative Internet Movie Database called the film “Roar” was named the most expensive film in the history of home movies.

Audience ratings for the same resource was only 5.8.

However, the proximity of human and predator, as shown in this film, can not leave the audience indifferent.

In 1985 he published a book “Cats of Shambala”, which absorbed the experience of filming Tippy in the movie “Roar”.

According to the actress, the movie “Roar” was one of the most dangerous in the history of Hollywood.

Family actress has repeatedly been attacked predators during filming, suffered the most director of the film, Jan De Bont.

Tippi opened Khedr reserve “Shambala” for cats, raised in captivity. It occupies 10 acres north of Los Angeles and is contained in the fund, “Roar”, founded by an actress in 1983. The purpose of the fund is to increase public knowledge about wildlife.

oday in “Shambala” live African lions, Siberian and Bengal tigers, leopards, servals, mountain lions, bobcats, Florida panther and ligr.

Most of the animals of the reserve were born in captivity, have been redeemed in circuses and zoos, or given to people who failed to care for their pets.

After Michael Jackson decided to close the zoo at Neverland Ranch in California, two of his Bengal tiger Sabu and Thriller were in reserve “Shambala.”

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