Living with the deceased wife

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Oct - 24 - 2011

Vietnamese Le Van became famous in 2009 when it was revealed that he shared the marital bed with his wife.That would not be strange, if his wife did not die 9 years ago.

However, the authorities could not do nothing to persuade a man to bury the remains of women who are enclosed in a plaster statue. First, he organized the funeral of his wife, but then dug up the remains and put them into a statue, with whom he goes to sleep every day.

The other day the reporters from the newspaper Nguoi Lao Dong again visited the house of Le Van, staying in the firm belief that the authorities forced him to abandon his strange habits. But it turned out that the 57-year-old widower continues to sleep with his late wife. As Le Van says, it is necessary to return to the previous incarnation. “I was not a man in a previous incarnation, when I committed a sin. Now I have to go back and fix the situation. ” How can he help his late wife, whose remains are enclosed in a plaster statue, Le Van did not say.

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