Meet the dwarf monkey (marmouset)

Jul - 25 - 2011

Pygmy marmoset, extremely similar to a stuffed animal – the smallest monkey in the world. Its length is 12.5-15 inches without the tail, which is still longer than the body – 15-20 inches. Its name comes from the French word marmouset , which means “little” or “dwarf.”

Even with the attractive face angry they are incredibly cute:

Cute monkey – a wise monkey:

Eaters of butterflies

Staying true to the preferences of ancestors, the monkey has a refined taste of French food taster: she eats all the fruit, leaves, small reptiles and washed down with a tree sap. The average monkey spends 2 \ 3 of their lives in search of sweet juice clinging to the bark by means of special cutters. It can make up to 1,300 holes in one tree, but still leave a little juice to attract butterflies, which she also eats.

They spend all their time hanging out literally in the wilds of the tropical forests of Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru. Their small size allows them to reach heights that are inaccessible to other animals, and so they get more variety in food. Also note that it is the father, not the mother is young babies on their backs as long as they can not themselves produce their own food.

Tiny lives as much as a dog: about 11 years. Few people get to see their own eyes: their fur makes them virtually invisible, once these monkeys even caught the U.S. military to make invisible clothes. However, monkeys can be found at the zoo.

Thin Laurie: more cute primate

Madagascar Friends

This angry-looking guy is not really so dangerous, one might even say, is safe – and one of the most vulnerable primates. This rukonozhka Madagascar, a large family of nocturnal primate Strepsirrhini (of those with “wet nose”).

Madagascar , as you may have guessed from the name, on the island of Madagascar. These rare animals are at first glance does not look like primates, but they are related to chimpanzees, monkeys and humans. They crawl up the trees with long middle fingers and listening to insects and beetles living in the cortex.

Many of the natives of Madagascar consider meeting with these animals, an omen of bad luck. They believe that where there Madagascar, someone dies. Sakalava (Malagasy people) believe that it enters houses at night through the thatched roofs and kills the sleeping residents. Presumably, she uses her long fingers to cut the aortic vein of his victim.
All these beliefs lead to the fact that primates are killing the poor, if they appear to human eyes. It seems that people portend the death of this animal, and not vice versa …

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