Milky Way over the desert

May - 26 - 2011

Against the backdrop of endless space and the beautiful Milky Way in particular, our planet seems a little toy. Truly beautiful and great space!

Milky Way in the night sky over the National Park, Arches, Utah, USA. Photographer Brett Webster uses the night sky, the national parks in his native Utah, as a canvas to create images that reflect all the pettiness of our planet in comparison with the great cosmos. (BRET WEBSTER / BARCROFT USA)

“I really like the Utah desert, I was always amazed Park Arches and Canyons,” – says Brett, who spent 27 years as a rocketeer and expert on the propeller in the company «Northrop Grumman». In the photo: a long arch in the park against the backdrop of the Arch of the Milky Way. (BRET WEBSTER / BARCROFT USA)

These photographs are particularly attractive in that 51-year-old Bret takes photographs only three years. “I got a new camera for his wife three years ago and now a few times a year come to the parks of Utah.” In the photo: The Milky Way over the narrow strip between the canyons of the San Rafael District, Emery, Utah. (BRET WEBSTER / BARCROFT USA)

“For me the most beautiful pictures – from cave paintings and the Milky Way – Brett says. – Some of these drawings were made by representatives of an ancient culture, and they may be about eight thousand years. In my photographs I would like to pay special attention to the fact that these drawings are the same as they were eight thousand years ago. And our existence – just part of the Milky Way. ” (BRET WEBSTER / BARCROFT USA)

Bret especially like the natural elements, reminding him about the course of geological time, and that he is trying to express in his photographs. “I see the universe at work in those canyons. Erosion on the rocks, the wind blowing in the canyons, and the animals living on the plains. I just try to capture a little piece of history. ” In the photo: The Milky Way above the valley of the Goblin in the national park in Green River, Utah. (BRET WEBSTER / BARCROFT USA)

“What particularly like it when I make these pictures, so it’s nice to feel the shivers at the thought of the place we occupy in this system of things.” In the photo: The Milky Way above the famous park Arch clear chilly night in Utah. (BRET WEBSTER / BARCROFT USA)

Landscape as if from another planet, but in fact – from the National Park Utah Arches. (BRET WEBSTER / BARCROFT USA)

Photos from the ancient canyon in Utah, where there are similar cave paintings, are no longer found in any other place. (BRET WEBSTER / BARCROFT USA)

Milky Way, form through the double Arch. (BRET WEBSTER / BARCROFT USA)

Silhouette of the canyon on the background of the Milky Way in Utah. (BRET WEBSTER / BARCROFT USA)

Beautiful Milky Way on a variety of rock art, including image centipedes. (BRET WEBSTER / BARCROFT USA)

Milky Way over the national park arches on a clear night in Utah. (BRET WEBSTER / BARCROFT USA)

And it myself Brett Webster. (BRET WEBSTER / BARCROFT USA)

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