Milosevic Dragoljub Sculptures

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Mar - 22 - 2011

His art is respect for the material and its beauty: the sculptor must work focusing on characteristics peculiar to the stone, marble or wood.
For Milosevic, the shape is modeled as a light wrap, as the sea that covers the pebbles, like the rising sun which punctuates the forms of a landscape.

It is true that Milosevic’s early works reveal a strong sense of the material. In some of them, the block of stone, marble or stone original seems to have dictated its form and undergone many changes they are, somehow, many dialogues between the sculptor and the artifact . Forms of flint, pebbles, roots of trees, shapes or shadows of flying birds for example, three swallows in the sky are a magnificent composition – in which MlLOSEVIC can express his reaction to the images came from a primitive stage evolution, one in which life forms emerge in concentrated forms elementary expressing the whole of reality.

As so often MlLOSEVIC said: “All I carved in my mind is a character, a human personality or some animal, like the couple with the child, and that personality determines the shape and definition of the plastic sculpture” .

He also stresses that his work continues a dramatic conflict between forms, between the tension and stress, thrust and resistance.

Some admirers of his sculptures have yet a great importance in the evolution of a double perspective: they allow him to express that love of humanity is a fundamental trait of his character and they teach him how to work the line as something very important in its form, refinement and perfection of his work.

M. MILOSEVIC Dragoljug
11 traversée Galilée
91000 Evry
Tel: (+33) 06 21 13 80 25
E-mail : 2339dmilosevic@gmail.com

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