Most prosperous countries in the world

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May - 2 - 2011

Each year, the private think tank Legatum Institute, founded in London in 2007, calculates and publishes the rating of well-being of countries, the so-called “prosperity index» (Legatum Prosperity Index). This year, the calculation was conducted in 110 countries. In the calculations, analyzed 79 different parameters, divided into nine subgroups: Principles of Economics, democratic institutions, health care, the principles of public administration, social capital, entrepreneurship and innovation, education, security, personal liberty. Data for their research Legatum Institute receives from the American Institute of Public Opinion, World Trade Organization, the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, United Nations, the World Bank. This year, the number one ranking went to Norway. Russian in 63 th place. Recently, 110 th place is Zimbabwe. (See issue of the most disadvantaged countries according to Legatum Institute )
We offer a look at the top ten of the rankings.

Completing the top ten U.S.. On economic criteria of the U.S. this year managed to rise only to 14 th place, entrepreneurship, management of the state and the degree of availability of opportunities brought them to third place, the education system ranks 9 th in the world. Americans like to call their country “the most democratic in the world, but according to Legatum Institute level of personal freedom in this country deserves only the 9 th place, the level of social capital 12-th place, and by the U.S. security occupy only 25 th place. But in terms of U.S. health care occupy a place. The sum of these figures gave a total of 10 ranked in the world ranking well-being.

Ninth place is Netherlands. With the economy here, according to the Legatum Institute, much better than in the U.S. (3rd place). Social capital in this country, too, at a height: 5 th place. In fact, social capital, as such, is linked not so much with the level of economic development and the level of culture in the country. Safety of life in the Netherlands is on the 18 th place, education and health systems on the 13th.The same (13th) takes place and the personal freedom of residents of the Netherlands. Efficiency of public administration estimated 10-m site.

Eighth place Legatum Institute commends Switzerland. According to analysts in this country the most effective public administration (1 place). Level of economic development and health are also extremely high (2 nd and 3rd place respectively). Level of social capital is also quite high (6 th). Business is in 11 th place among 110 countries of this rating. Safety of life is 12 – place. Personal liberty is less than that in the Netherlands (19 th). Very poor indicator of Switzerland – is the education system, which finished only 29 th place.

Canada belongs to the 7-th place in the ranking of prosperity. Here, the weakest link – it’s security (16 – th).Education system also needs working (12 th). The health system is also not included in the top ten, finishing on 11 th place. Entrepreneurship in Canada is on 10 th place, social capital, 8-e. Economics and management of the state are on the 5 th place, and the personal freedom of all in perfect order – the first place in the world.

On the 6-th place is Sweden. The scatter of indicators for subgroups are small. Entrepreneurship takes 2 nd place in the world, and the level of social capital 11 th place.

In fifth place in the world prosperity is New Zealand. According to analysts of the Legatum Institute they have world’s best education system. The level of personal freedom and social capital estimated 3-m site, but the economy is quite weak, and entrepreneurship (17 th and 14 th place). Worst of all things health: 19 th place.

Australia avoids his neighbor for just one position, and took 4 th place in the world in terms of prosperity. It’s very good performance in education (2 nd), social capital and personal freedom (4 th). Safety and business Australia is in the 13th largest in the world, and health 15-e.

And finally, the 3-th.On the third place Legatum Institute commends Finland. Best in the country is the situation with education and safety (third place in the world). Next comes the business, taking 4 th place. The top ten world leaders Finland fall only on the level of personal freedom (12 th).

Second country in the world in terms of prosperity – is Denmark. She was the first in the world in terms of opportunities for entrepreneurs, the second on the effectiveness of governance and social capital, the fourth-economic development. It is true that health care in Denmark is only at the 17 th place in the world.

And finally, the most prosperous country in the world by Legatum Institute – is Norway. It has the highest rate in the world economy and social capital, security and personal freedom is second in the world, health and education systems occupy 4 th place, entrepreneurship at the 6 th place in the world, and public administration at the 12 th.

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