“My strange relationship”

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Nov - 14 - 2011

According to the newspaper Daily Mail, the widow , daily dippeth finger in an urn with the ashes of her husband.

The unusual behavior began when she moved the dust out of the box in a special urn. Accidentally ash fell on her finger, and instead wipe – she licked it. Thus began this very strange habit. And while she eats ashes, CECI recognizes that it tastes disgusting.

As acknowledged by Casey, now she just can not resist not to have the ashes of her husband. Casey and her husband Sean were married in 2009, according to a woman in her husband, she “found all the things one can dream.” Sean died suddenly developed a severe form of asthma.

In conclusion, the transfer of Casey still agrees to enroll in courses of therapy to psychologists helped her cope with a strange addiction.

In addition to women eating the ashes of her husband, the heroes of the show My Strange Addiction grew as people with other strange habits, such as mother teddy bear and even a grown man who considers himself a child and the bedding in the crib in diapers.

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