Oil painting – an ultimate way to give ideas to your painting

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Dec - 1 - 2010

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There are so many people around us who has so many creativity and imagination qualities but due to the shortage of time they can’t practice it and failed in expressing their emotions but if someone thinks he has art of playing with colors then must come in painting side and polished your thoughts, feelings and expression through different colors, using different methods in a stylish way.
Art’s world is naming of different mediums, photo enlargement but one medium is very popular and that art medium is known as oil painting. Oil paintings always pull us and keep our interest and excitement about it.

Historically talking about the oil painting, it has recognized that in England, oil painting used for simple decoration. On the other hand, it is the also best way to relieve stress by doing some painting instead of sitting in front of TV or listing music. Because doing painting you are not thinking about yourself, worries or problems. You are doing something creative work; something comes from your inner side.

Sometimes it happens that you can’t cry, or not in a position to tell your friends or family members, in such a condition painting is the best way to express yourself and thoughts. In painting oil paining are many good options as it dries slowly and you can get enough time to paint or correct your mistake. Oil painting is a large format medium where you used your full body to make brushstrokes, by using your arms, shifting your weight from side to side.

Besides, oil painting is categorized in four forms.

First category is the landscape. Imagine a person standing in front of canvas, holding a brush in his hands and color plate in another hand closing his eyes, he though about mountains, sky, sea, rivers, flowers anything, which reflect the nature.

Mostly landscape draws on canvas so beautifully that they get the people attention. Landscaping is always most popular subject for the artists.
Portraiture is another form of oil painting in this form. Inner essence of the subject is highlighted rather than physical sides. Third one is known as still life is an ultimate work where inanimate subjects matters.

Last one is known as abstract this form is absolutely a way to express feeling, no connection with nature. There are so many ways in abstract, which can’t be categorized.

In short any way you choose to express your feelings, thoughts, moods or ideas, just hold your brush come in front of canvas and start it. And if you don’t want to paint by yourself then no problem now the days through the internet, there are so many painting sites, which give you so many options and verity just log onto the web and select which one is according to your taste and requirement. Online oil painting sites not only show you best and nice piece of oil painting but also come with great price packages so you can easily cover your wall or anything you want.

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