Omens and superstitions

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Nov - 9 - 2011

The number of people who are confident in the power of bad omens, is not small. Of course, you can laugh at serious arguments about the dangers of the number 13 or the unpleasant properties of spilled salt.

We do not believe any prejudice! Do not believe it. But somehow we feel is not so safe if the way is ran by a black cat. I suggest several ways to restore a good mood, if you ruined it with “bad luck”. At least our ancestors did the same.

Black Cat. If it crossed your way you do not hurry to get upset. Indeed, in its entirety, this sign looks like this: if a black cat crossing the road a man from right to left – this is to good, and from left to right – asking for trouble. The women – on the contrary.

The number of 13. In France, for example, if a party was in the company of 13 men, the fourteenth for a small fee will give a special agency. There are other ways to avoid an encounter with that number. If a person lives in the 13th house, then we can change the number on the front door at 12 +1. If you often have to deal with this number, it is recommended on Saturdays thirteen times to read “Our Father.”

Monday – heavy day. Of course,we can not remove it from the calendar, but refuse to make important decisions and do not commit to this day serious actions. To those who by nature of their work have to take risks, you can observe this simple rule: women – stand up only with the left foot, the men – from the right.

Other people’s money. It is known that peculate itself – is dangerous. But how to resist temptation and do not pick up the cherished bill that was lying on the sidewalk? Take the money and put a small coin in return, saying: “The money I take, I leave with a mortgage.” And the bad luck will not come true.

A woman with an empty bucket. Since ancient times it was believed that if in the morning, coming out of the house, you met a woman – it’s a failure, but if the man – for good luck. It went from the Indians, who were convinced that a woman consumes energy, and the man always pays her. A sign of India came to us in a somewhat modified form, if you meet a woman with empty buckets – it promises trouble. Incidentally, this marks a continuation of: a man with a bucket – for luck! Seeing a woman with empty buckets should get around to it in an arc. Another possible sign of the cross three times and spit over your left shoulder. Of women with empty buckets and helps two crossed fingers into your pocket (but not fig.) You can also use an example of Pushkin’s grandmother Maria Hannibal Alekseevny. She immediately returned home, if you met a peasant woman, went to fetch water.

Bad dreams. It is important to a person’s behavior upon awakening. If you’re afraid of a bad dream, wake up, get up under cold running water and say: “As the water flow away and leave dream.” There is another way: Find a secluded place and to tell a nightmare itself. Then he will not come true. But anyone else should not be talking.

Salt is scattered. Need to laugh and hit his forehead. This will help avoid disputes.

A bird flew into the house. If a bird flew into the room in this house is better not to spend the night. Lodge with relatives or friends. So you can mitigate the effect of one of the most ominous signs. It is believed that the souls of the dead birds live and the bird that had entered the house, – the bad news. Carefully release the bird, without damaging its wings.

Of course, this “black” list could continue, but better to keep your fears at ease with the chain and good luck, even a bad sign?

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