Original sculptures and monuments

Sep - 18 - 2011

In many countries, among the usual historical monuments can be found quite unusual. That provide creative sculptors that do not restrict themselves to any standards and relate to life with humor. Humorous monuments, statues and conflicting daring design experiments make the streets brighter adorn parks and squares of cities in the world.

Monument to Charles La Trobe, Melbourne, Australia

A device for the eradication of evil, Calgary, Canada by Dennis Oppenheim.

Red light wood, London, England

The figure with skull, Prague, Czech Republic

Piss – Brickyard Gergeti”, Prague, Czech Republic

“The people themselves forever”, Prague, Czech Republic

Features of gravity for the elephant, Paris, France

A giant crane, Winterthur, Switzerland

The giant spider, Bilbao, Spain

Bureaucratic Themis, Denmark

Fountain “Vomiting”, London, England

Balerun worrying, Los Angeles, USA

Wedding Rings, Vancouver, Canada

Lovers skeletons, Nong Kai, Thailand

Crocodile eats capitalist, New York, USA

Harassment, Tokyo, Japan

Head-to-nail, Goslar, Germany

Finger pointing, Paris, France

Monument workaholic, Los Angeles, USA

A man on a bicycle, Chile

Through the wall. Montmartre, Paris

Monument to enema, Zheleznovolsk, Russia

Monument to the witch, Harz, Germany

Philosophical sculpture of perfidy of women.

Monument supporters, Toronto, Canada

Monument clothespins, Philadelphia, USA

Monument to the paparazzi, Bratislava, Slovakia

Incredible carved mi

There are only 135 known miniature boxwood carvings known to ...

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