The man firmly stuck in the street urn with safety door

Street bins in the Spanish city of Murcia are equipped with a special tilting lid, through which is almost impossible to get inside. But the 48-year-old citizen of Romania still managed to get stuck in it.

Cool office Halloween decorations

It just so happened that the everybody loves Halloween . So you can surprise your nerves colleagues with something like this…they will probably forgive you. It is holiday after all.

Babysitter found child sleeping on her head

A girl named Mikaela Long published a photo in social networks, where a child is sleeping on her head.She saw her niece on baby monitor standing on her head. Who would you call in this case – the parents or exorcist?

The owner of the raccoon from Taiwan came up with original haircut for the summer for his pet – she shaved his fur almost all over his body, leaving the back of in the form of animal paws. By the way, in Taiwan you can have almost anykind of pet, so there is plenty of shops selling all sorts of exotic animals.

What is behind the photos to Instagram

British Wren Kitchens created an interesting, humorous photo project, demonstrating the power of design and the limited images of frames, which, in fact, greatly distort reality. The project, entitled A Kitchen Lived In: Perception vs. Reality Kitchens showed the reality, which remains behind the scenes of glamorous pictures, telling about imaginary world of Instagram users.

Some jokes are not for friends

Some people have a quite original sense of humor – so original, that it is more like a mockery. Therefore, their “jokes” are not for friends:

Lamps for growing plants that do not require human care

In the design studio “We love eames” in Germany believe that the plants are playing an increasing and significant role in the urban environment. The conditions for their cultivation have always been caring and sufficient natural light.

Police in San Francisco are investigating the appearance of baseball bats tied up with chains to poles across the city. Some of the bats have nails sticking out of them. The San Francisco police said they started receiving reports that people were finding the bats on Thanksgiving morning. The bats are metal and wood and have “spikes” run through them.

However ridiculous or immoral

Raccoon funeral in the streets of Toronto in Canada.

Now the term “granny panties” can be understood in the literal sense, because a housewife from Utah Social Candice Pugh creates a vintage women’s panties, which she decorates with unexpected prints of Hollywood stars, cute animals and a variety of funny slogans. She sells this unusual underwear through Etsy site and one of the latest amazing series of her works is her panties with the image of the main characters  [ Read More ]

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