Tourist website Holidify decided to depict the most common differences between a tourist and a traveler. In a series of illustrations showing the different types of accommodation, transport, food, luggage, etc. Someone who likes to travel with someone, and someone – alone. Someone had carefully planned his trip to another country in advance, and someone who likes to improvise. In any case, there are always differences. Although these comparisons are  [ Read More ]

Women knits tiny sweaters for rescued chickens

Nikola Congdon and her mother Anne of Falmouth in Cornwall, England are committed to saving chickens and give them a new home. They saved about 60 chickens, half of which have been grown and have lived their entire lives in cramped cages and, unfortunately, were unable to acclimate to normal weather conditions. Two women have devised a way to help keep the chickens warm – they knit for them tiny  [ Read More ]

The Korean company called “PAPA” (“Play Art. Polygon Art”), creates a high-quality paper from elegant polygonal sculptures of animals that will decorate any interior.

Ingenious solutions!

We want to show that the world is full of imaginative people! Hot summer day? Not a problem- private pool installed in your jeep!

The house is an old vessel

In the heart of Stockholm has long been moored old ship, which for decades stood there doing nothing, until finally it is bought and turned into a modern residential building with an area of ​​150 squares. We offer a look at this unusual house.

Sun beds for pets

A lover of giant knitting Anna Mo knits not only clothes, bedspreads and rugs, but also comfortable and soft beds for pets. In her work, she uses the yarn from the wool of Merino sheep, whose wool is worldwide renowned for its softness and quality.

India annually takes huge crowds of tourists, but the situation in the country is getting worse. Gradually the sacred country turns into a life-trash.

Female cockatoo named Hobby was taken to a shelter for parrots smelling practically naked. The owners have paid little attention to the animal, and these birds are very vulnerable. So Hobby tore all the feathers, which she was able to reach. The shelter renamed her Xavi and organized a befitting treatment.

California couple Carly Leyfkes and Lukas Unger never has a traditional outlook on life, so they decided the wedding will not be traditional. If this wedding is unusual, why the wedding ring should be traditional? The couple is very proud of the fact that their appearance and attitudes are far from traditional public standards.

Philippine street delicacy – chicken on a stick

From street vendors in the Philippines, you can buy a lot of strange delicacies . But one of the nastiest delicacies – a deep-fried chicken on a stick. It tastes like chicken, of course. But connoisseurs say that special pleasure you get from crispy on the teeth and bones of the beak.

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