Paul Karason, a silver man …

Jan - 10 - 2012

People are different – white, black, yellow, red … But did you know that on Earth with us still live people with blue, purple and even blue skin?They can rightly be considered a real minority (in contrast to other pseudo-color fractions). Let me introduce one of them. Paul Karason, a silver man from Oregon.

Paul is 59 years old and 16 years ago, he had an ordinary white skin. As he recalls, the color changed gradually and smoothly so that the people around him did not notice the change. And than he meet a friend whom he had not seen, Paul suddenly heard, “Hey, buddy, what have you done with your face?”. His skin color was silver. This phenomenon is known to physicians for a long time and even got its name – argyria.

Argyria, according to the dictionary of medical terms,is silver skin pigmentation that occurs as a result of industrial exposure or silver salts, either because of their transmission to humans. Skin color is altered slowly , like Paul. Interestingly, the blue color is most pronounced in those areas that are most often in the light.

It is believed that argyria is incurable and people who have received “silver skin” will wear it until death. But in this, strangely enough, there is a plus. The fact that the organism is so saturated with argyria silver, that is absolutely protected from all kinds of infections. Silver just kills all harmful bacteria in the body.

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