Photo project “disproportionate”

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Jun - 5 - 2011

A resident of Seattle, Christopher Bofoli with food and tiny figures creates miniatures depicting scenes from everyday life. Works of Christopher, appearing in his project called “disproportionate”, exhibited in various galleries in the United States. The creator of the project recognizes that finding an interesting subject – that’s half the battle. Much of the work is to come up with a snapshot name that will make the viewer smile.

And then Randy and Jeff finally understood that they lost.

In the chicken coop of this news will be less enthusiastic.
“Even as a child when I became the owner of a miniature railway, I was interested in theme discrepancy between the proportions of man and the objects and compare them – says Christopher, who – partly feel something like a god, controlling the whole world that can change at their discretion .

Gary always puts too much mustard, but no one he can not argue.
Christopher began working on the project “disproportionate” in 2007.

Josh is proud of what he is capable of lawn mower with sharp blades.
Christopher admits: “The creation of these miniature scenes requires a lot of patience because the figures always strive to fall. Sometimes it may take up to 25 attempts before getting the perfect shot. “

Beekeepers know that hives are placed in the right place.
Christopher says that often during the preparations for the shooting, he specifically goes to the store or bakery to pick up material for pictures. He carefully selects the products that will be the best way to look at the pictures. “I especially like working with pastry, because after the shooting can eat them for dessert.”

Patrick has always been not the timid, but in a cornfield became absolutely fearless.
Christopher carefully plans every scene in his home studio, sometimes tedious work for its creation may take a couple of hours. He cut and properly puts the products before you place the figurines, which he glues or agave nectar, or that it is their little feet into the holes made with toothpicks.

Nobody will be allowed here as long as the rescue team did not ensure the safety of strange albino pumpkins.
A series of these images inspired by Christopher “Travelers” Walter Martin and Paloma Munoz. They depicted scenes with small figures inside the balls.

Eric was afraid to dive, even though he knew that hardly is home to sharks.

Grete and her friend liked it so much riding on the smooth surface, that they decided to no longer tremble at the pineapple.

Joyce had no idea which of these goals it. But no matter how ridiculous she looked in front of Phyllis and the rest of the company.

Once upon a fig area was perfectly safe. But later everything changed.

An instant before the accident it launches a kite.

Dennis thought for a business meeting is an unusual place. However, in the hope of a lucrative contract was silent.

Hubert was glad to change it over. Waving a shovel – not an easy task.

Oil business.

Incredible carved mi

There are only 135 known miniature boxwood carvings known to ...

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