Popular national parks in Thailand

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Jan - 20 - 2011

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Thailand has great national parks, the 2 best are Koh Chang and Khao Sok.
Thailand has a number of great national parks all around the country, two of the best ones in Thailand are Koh Chang and now the emerging Khao Sok.
There is around 50 national parking in Thailand and most of them are beautiful, but their is also a few around that stand out from the rest.
You see Koh Chang is the 3rd largest island and one of the better national/ marine park in Thailand, it has great beaches surrounding the island and have a growing nightlife. It is still rather clean for now as not so many tourists go to Koh Chang and go to some of the other more touristy hot spots. Developement is growing at a rapid rate so it might not stay beautiful like today for long. Chang means elephant in Thai and was named after it as its headlands are shaped like an elephant. Koh Chang also have some amazing waterfalls and a beautiful coral reefs.

Khao Sok national park is rated as one of the best if not the best in Thailand, it has a rain forest that is even more diverse than the Amazon rain forest. The amount of wildlife that is in Khao sok is amazing, they also have a thriving bird population and house some of the rarest species of birds in the world. If your into jungle trekking, diving, bird watching or just being in the wild, then Khao Sok is the best place in Thailand to go.It is located in SUrat Thani in SOuhern Thailand and has the largest forest in the Southern region of Thailand. It is advised to not go into the Khao Sok rain forest alone, you should take a local tour guide as they know the jungle inside out and will even give you a better experience too.
So if you are planning on a trip to Thailand and don’t want to do the usual touristy things, visit these 2 places and discover more to Thailand.

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