Portraits drawn from Casey Zavaliy thread

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Sep - 28 - 2011

American artist Casey Zavaliy (Cayce Zavaglia) work blurs the lines between painting and tapestry, and offers a new definition to the word. Despite the fact that the artist draws a thread, and instead of a brush and a canvas using a needle and fabric. The girl practiced long enough, producing its own original style and an innovative system of “drawing with thread,” but in the end, her embroidered portraits can be called true masterpieces of modern art.

“I still consider myself an artist, and I find it hard not to talk about these embroidered portraits as scenes. ” Although the technique performance is all the same embroidery, and rightly so, “said Casey about her work. True, her “painting with threads” is far more complex than conventional painting: she can not mix colors by hand. Years of training, trial and error, and gradually create her own system Casey overlay stitches, which will eventually give a specific color or shade. Thus, the portrait painted by threads, have become more benign, but from a distance and does resemble oil paintings.

One of the secrets of this extraordinary painting is that Casey puts on the fabric stitches so as to face are invisible facial lines. And so, as an artist puts paint on canvas brush strokes. This allows the portraits to look natural , almost realistic. Someone will probably remember the portraits, embroidered with a cross, but those pictures that makes Casey a lot harder and bigger, because she tries not to embroider just drawing, but also to simulate painting.

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