Portraits of celebrities on the sidewalk

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Apr - 13 - 2012

Residents of the Russian city Sterlitamak in Bashkortostan should be extremely careful while walking the streets. Your chance to stand on the nose or ear of Marilyn Monroe or stepping on Robert De Niro is high. They are incredibly realistic portraits depicts ordinary white chalk on the sidewalk by 20-year-old artist Rustam Valiev.

Chalk drawings seem childish, irresponsible and short-lived. So many artists wanted to change the pen or chalk pastels, but Rustam decided to develop and improve his talent, and continues to draw in chalk on city streets, decorating them with beautiful pictures for others to enjoy.

This virtuoso of his craft, Rustam Valiev is expert in the technique of drawing so much that he got really realistic portraits. Of course, there is more work, but it does not interfere with a smile painted on asphalt, Jean Reno, Sylvester Stallone, Robert De Niro, Marilyn Monroe and other stars on the screen.

Rustam Valiev reflects anything with the chalk on the sidewalk . Animals and insects, and abstract, but a wonderful story. Thus, Russia can be proud of its talented and creative young people.

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