Recipe for the New Year

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Nov - 29 - 2011

5 places, to celebrate New Year and 5 places you should run away from.
If we forget about arousing public predictions about the end of the world, in anticipation of the new year, the world is ready for the holiday rush.
Depending on your relationship this holiday routes can also be different.

Places for the New Year

Rome (Italy) The capital of the Catholic world begins preparation for the main holiday months in advance. In addition to the Christmas Mass at St Paul’s Cathedral and other religious processions, covered with centuries-old tradition, guests can visit a craft fair, a lot of cafes and markets. However, the majority of local residents is guided by the old proverb, “At Christmas, with his, for the New Year with whom you want,” so to Rome in those days left to the plunder of the tourists.

Lapland (Finland) is the home of Santa Claus. The village is surrounded by the main character of Christmas hundreds of hotels and entertainment complexes. And where else can you ride with the wind sled dog, to take part in races on a snowmobile or reindeer enough to eat in the woods in this plague.

Seville (Spain) Sevilla claimed the second capital of the Nativity. Tourists are attracted by the music of flamenco, continuing indefinitely holidays. And here Andalusian cuisine! In a word – new resort in Spanish.

New York (USA) During the holidays the city lives exactly 24 hours a day. On the streets every day, you can find hundreds of Sants, smiling reindeer (in the sense of the most fabulous animals) and the elves. America turns into Christmas show.

Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) Those who think in white pants celebrate Christmas in Europe or Russia, would be quite surprised by local customs. There is no snow, but there is a Christmas tree. It goes on every year by volleys of fireworks ,it is launched at a special raft. Instead regulated stages of the holiday residents of Rio de Janeiro just arrange something like a carnival, where the whole process is accompanied by fireworks, loud music and crazy flurry of fun.

Places where you can escape from the New Year

Bora Bora (French Polynesia) island is located off the coast of Tahiti. Surrounded by coral reefs, Bora Bora (Bora Bora) is an old volcanic crater, protecting this piece of land from the violence of the elements of the Pacific. Instead, trees are offered 5-star hotels, chic beaches and golf courses.

Dubai (UAE) in this town nice to celebrate any of the 365 events, and to find a name it . In Christmas Town includes regular shopping fever. Trees do not have, but in the presence of a huge number of shares and discounts. Night life is returning to normal: clubs, restaurants and a lot of fun.

Havana (Cuba) Liberty Island is not much, departs from the traditions of the Catholic world. We’d call it a Christmas-light. The holiday takes place here in the summer, the resort option. And if you do not need, you will not see it.

Tanzania – a land of majestic mountains snows of Kilimanjaro and vast national parks. The resort is built around the industry of the country of wildlife. Tourists love to spend the holidays here, watching the lions, leopards, rhinos and other exotic animals. Regardless of the season, the trees are not included.

KambodzhaDlya Europeans in South-East Asia remains a mystery country. Like all heard about it, but that there is no one knows. For example, Cambodia. Here, low prices, exotic cuisine, the dominant religion is Buddhism, in the south, there are many beaches. Some people believe that this is the place for sex tourism, but because they say the same thing about Thailand. Nevertheless, those who still dare to buy a ticket here, the more striking the surviving monuments, impassable jungle and calm mentality of people who managed to survive more than one war. Holiday in Cambodia can be likened to a journey into another dimension.

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