Scary Santa

Dec - 18 - 2011

Long-standing tradition to photograph children at the hands of Santa Claus in shopping malls and other similar establishments has brought a huge crop of funny pictures from weeping with terror and bewildered toddlers. In their eyes, as if frozen dumb question – “Who is this bearded man? And what am I doing here?? “…

Gemini and synthetic Santa (c) eichelberger_greg

Grim man in a red (c) RaGardner4

The classic photo with Santa Claus (c) Gina at Feather Your Nest

(c) Scott Barlow

Brother and sister – what a different reaction (c) heiderino

(C) Andreanna Moya Photography

Santa in the shopping center (c) Kristinabliss

(c) MrRight9

Take me away from here !!!… (c) Fisk Frenzy

(c) Gina Argentina

(c) ariellemac42

Do not leave me alone with him! (c) aneczka

Retro Santa (c) siriusmosaics

Baby Zander in horror (c) kittykowalski

In tears and snot (c) polyhollidaise

The fright of a lifetime. (c) Mimi Martini

(c) tylerhill75

Scary Santa and his furry assistant! (c) WindyCityGM