Self mummification

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Jun - 20 - 2011

Monk Kukais practice of self mummification was settled a thousand years ago on the holy mountain of Koya (Wakayama Prefecture).On his own experiences he developed a system step closer to the ideal, the passage which took a decade …

Initially, it was necessary to radically change the diet.Monk was allowed to eat nuts and seeds, which he sought out in the woods that surrounded the temple.This first stage lasted for a thousand days, that is about 3 years.

In addition to limitations in food monk had to suffer the brunt of daily work, prolonged physical activity, religious vigils.As a result, body fat almost disappeared.It rids the body of the substance, the most rapidly disintegrating after his death.

At the end of the first thousand days of mortification began the second stage, connected with further restrictions on food.

It was legal to use only a small amount of bark and roots of pine trees.On this diet, the monk should extend for a thousand days, in the end of which his body was like a living skeleton.
At the same time he had to reduce the intake of fluid.

After the second period of fasting monk passed to a special tea, infused in Urus – juice of the lacquer tree.This Chinese and Japanese lacquer craftsmen covered dish to give it a lacquer finish.Urus juice is very poisonous, so the intake of tea, leads to painful reactions, taking out the remnants of moisture.

But the main thing:taking the poisonous juice, this process deliver the monks dried bodies after death which prevents the encroachments of any bacteria and insect larvae.

Past this stage, the sufferer exceeds in the stone room, designed to become his grave.It was so small that it could accommodate only sitting in the lotus position.With the world united to a narrow slit in the wall through which inside air is fed.At this time, people have nothing to eat or drink.Only occasional bells, from which the rope led to a stone tomb, testified that the ascetic is still alive.When the bell fell silent for ever, air gap was walled up.

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