Siamese twins

Jun - 26 - 2011

Stephen Tyler and Delpy spend his life together since birth but never saw each other’s faces – except that in the mirror. Nineteen Siamese twins from South Jersey – a unique case and yet because they are joined at their heads, so that looking at different side.

Since its birth in Pennsylvania, the twins with autism, one homosexual and one heterosexual, tried not to get into the camera lens ubiquitous reporters. So now before you interview them first.

Stephen Tyler and Delpy have not seen each other, but argue that to have a brother-Siamese twin is like having a best friend with whom you can always talk to.
Young people have told reporters that the means for them to be brothers and also the best friends talked about how they learn to cope with this life, in school, learn to play the violin, taking life as it is for them.
“I would not want things to be different,” says Stephen. “Tyler is my best friend,”
“The best thing is to be Siamese twins – it’s what you’ll never be alone!” – echoed his brother Tyler.
In his first interview with the young people also heard some interesting information about their sexual preferences – so Tyler is homosexual, and Stephen like girls.
Stephen admitted he was obsessed with actress and singer of country eighteen Dzhenett MakKarddi. Tyler, in turn, finds himself in love with a fifty-four folk singer Steve Forbetta.
It is surprising that the two young men have good hearing and a child engaged in music.

Both brothers are very fond of music, have good hearing and for the past eleven years, engaged in playing the violin.

A loving family. Parents of young people, Tim and Nancy Delpy from South Jersey said that their sons “have surpassed all their expectations.”
“This is my gift from God,” says Stephen. “When I start to sing songs Dzhenett MakKarddi, mom says that I kissed her forehead in God.” Young people attending the two schools – a school for children with special needs and regular secondary school. “They are so smart,” says the mother of conjoined twins Nancy Hoffmann-Delpy. Most of all she is glad that his sons are active, creative life and recently spoke at a school celebration.
“Study is certainly good, but I’m more concerned that they communicated with their peers and not from complexes. So it’s a statement for them – a huge step forward “- brags achievements sons mother.
Headmaster Joe Castellucci said that the twins are very active and diligent, and they certainly awaits a prosperous future.
“They know how to set goals and strive for it! “- he said. “One like a movie, the other is interested in music.”

Parents tried very hard to hide from the media and the boys too close attention.

Parents report that children of never complained that they were Siamese twins.
Twins will meet in the school for several years, and then continue their studies.
Young people are trying all means to adapt to what their life. If one goes forward, the second must always move back. If they talk to someone, they have several times to turn around to see both the interlocutor.
Delpy Tim and Nancy Hoffman told that they were married only four years old when Nancy became pregnant. At the fourteenth week of regular ultrasound showed them that children are born weird.
The doctors assured parents that the twins will be one person for two, because the chance of survival is only five percent and the pregnancy should be immediately terminated.
“I even kill a fly can not,” says Nancy Hoffman Delpy. “What can we then say about abortion? I decided that if children die, then they will die in my arms. ”
“They have conquered me immediately as soon as I saw them,” says the teacher, who dealt with the twins in childhood.

At the time, Tim and Nancy Delpy said, that their long-awaited child, only five percent chance of survival.

Only one pair of twins of two and a half million janiceps born – that is, fused with the cranium.
The most famous janiceps today are Lori and Reba Shappel who are natives of Pennsylvania and who are now forty-nine years. They refused to undergo surgery to disconnection. Reba was the performer of the country.
Doctors were planning an operation to disconnection Delpy twins in the first three years of their lives. But then abandoned the idea, deciding that the risk to children is too great.
‘s parents Stephen and Taylor argue that without a moment’s regret that the decision to leave priyanli children.
“They are absolutely incredible relationship, the warmest, most sincere” mother said. “They exceeded all my expectations, I am proud of my sons!”

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