Spy equipment from the past

Apr - 4 - 2011

We offer a look at this spy technique, which used agents in different countries a few decades ago.

4,5 mm caliber pistol, mounted in a holder lipstick. This gun was in the arsenal of the KGB.

Compass in the form of a pair of buttons. To navigate this compass, you must install halfs at each other,and the device will work.

The bomb in the form of a flask during the Second World War.

The bomb, disguised as a lump of coal. Set for the application of camouflage paint. From the arsenal of the CIA of the twentieth century.

Miniature camera Ajax, disguised as a button. From the arsenal of the KGB 70-ies.

Coin with a cache inside. From the arsenal of the KGB mid-twentieth century.

Cufflinks with the cache inside. From the arsenal of the KGB mid-twentieth century.

Glasses with built-in handle of the container with the poison for self-liquidating agent. From the arsenal of the CIA 70-ies.

A miniature camera mounted in the handle.

Gas pistol, shooting cyanide.

Miniature camera for mounting on the pigeon.

Miniature gun mounted on a pipe.

Miniature pistol disguised as a glove.

Toolset and the capsule, which allows to hide this set in the anus of the man. From the arsenal of the CIA 60-ies.

Transmitter hidden in the heel shoe.

Weapons disguised as a pack of cigarettes.

Umbrella, shooting poisoned needles.

Camera, disguised as watches. From the arsenal of German post-war intelligence.

System to listen to radar and air defense systems, disguised as a tree stump. This stump regularly aired collected information via satellite, when it was discovered by KGB agents.

Transmitter disguised as a piece of excrement. From the arsenal of the CIA.

4 Responses so far.

  1. Great stuff – James Bond would be proud!

  2. Stacey says:

    Some of these are pretty clever. But who is not going to notice a pigeon with a “mini” camera strapped to it?

    • Bruce says:

      that is true, but what would you do about it? it was likely just used for simple air recon, to just give images of areas.

  3. windRomance says:

    is the shoe 1 even practical? LOL. but they are kinda cool, i bet 80% of them arent real. but good stuffs!