Stone of Davasko in Tandil Argentina

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Sep - 17 - 2011

City of Tandil in the southeast of Buenos Aires in Argentina would have been doomed to a life without surprises, ifsomething amazing had happened there since time immemorial. The phenomenon, which breaks down the logic and the laws ofphysics.

This is – a huge boulder weighing more than 300 tons, danglingon the edge of a cliff approximately swaying of wind, and for several millennia as if chained unearthly force, seeminglyimpossible for the human understanding. Wandered here touristsin the morning, when waking up, with disbelief immediately raninto the street, that would check on the spot whether a boulder?

From the elders of the city you can hear an ancient legend:
“”This stone was here for so long that no one could remember when or how he got there. Changed for more than 200 generations, and the stone is well worth it be molvnym observer of life. The local belief exists that a thousand years ago, their ancestors brought here by myself Davasko – son of the sun. He taught people agriculture, animal husbandry, various crafts. He taught them a special reverence for the gold. Because the sun is gold.

Having taught his people around him and spending some timeaway Davasko … He returned to his father in the Sun. But he promised his people that take time and it will return to his people to ever be reunited with them in his earthly guise. And the people have not forgotten about him, Davasko left a stone that will stand up to the his return. And who would not be afraid nor scorching rays, neither wind nor rain, nor time itself. Much water has flowed under the bridge since then. A stone still stands today. Just as people are still waiting to return Davasko. ”
But once this magnificent statue has come to an end. February 29, 1912 rock suddenly broke Davasko off a cliff and fell down. It is difficult to say what caused the fall. The most realistic version – the erosion of the base and explosions when working in the mines nearby. It was a real shock to the city. All the people wentin deep trance for many years.

However, people have decided not to let his hands and … May 13, 2007 at 7:58 am, 95 years later, after the fall, residents of Tandil regained its historical myth. Plastic copy of the stone was set on a hilltop, with the same functions and exact same place. True people failed to realize is that easily done Davasko – copy installed is thorough, and no longer swings from light touch of wind …

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