Ten of the best photographers

Jul - 21 - 2011

Today we talk about the ten best photographer. They work with large advertisers are not only hard to sell something, but to make us love the brand. Creating unbelievable stories with accuracy and skill of these artists make us believe that magic can exist, that fantasy and reality can come together and that their (and our) imagination knows no boundaries.

Christophe Gilbert As he calls himself – “freak maniac and details “- Christophe Gilbert sincerely believes that small details can make a huge difference. His portfolio is full of wonderful works; Christoph magically “managed” with liquids such as paint and water. His work is witty, but above all the others it makes a subtle style. The impressive list of clients includes Christopher Mercedes, Toyota, Ford, PlayStation, LG Electronics and other companies.

Riccardo Bagnoli – Italian photographer living in Boston. Specializing in advertising, fashion and portrait photography, Bagnoli knows how to create very imaginative story of a wide range of styles. Photos Bagnoli almost always look like frames from a scientific film as well.

Garrigosa Studios is responsible for the creative advertising of brands such as 7-Up, Honda, Nike and Audi. Located in Barcelona, ​​the company provides a full range of services. Their work has received several prestigious awards including the coveted Cannes Lion in numerous categories. ” You have to love the profession of photographer. You need to have a lot of dedication. And always good to be critical to your own work to develop “, – Garrigosa Studios.

Erik Almas – a photographer from San Francisco. He is known for his nearly perfect lighting, sweeping vistas and surreal landscapes.
” You want to know my recipe? It’s very simple. Low morning light, a little from the back. In the foreground object. The background, which helps tell the story. Then add the clouds in Photoshop “- Erik Almas.

Staudinger + Franke – known Viennese fotosudiya established by Robert Staudinger and Andrea Franke. Their quality of work not only well-executed, but also incredibly interesting. The list of clients includes Visa, HÖYNCK and Ford.

French studio La Soirus Sur Le Gateau was founded in 2003 by Didier Rossini Knapik Bridene. Currently, their client list includes such brands as BMW, Cartier, Chanel, Mercedes.

Huong Nguyen – Photographer from Paris. His fine taste and attention to detail allows you to make interesting and inspiring photos.

Frank Yuttenhov – a very talented photographer from Belgium. Some of the best works of Frank’s extraordinary fun and show animals and children.

Andric Lyubodrag – a native of Yugoslavia, and currently lives in Toronto. He got his first paying job as a photographer at the age of 21 years. Deftly combining humor with intelligence, Andrich likes to turn ordinary into extraordinary. Andric is doing all their work inside and out, fantastic illusion.
” A good picture should always leave some questions unanswered , “- Andric Lyubodrag.

LSD – advertising studio, consisting of photographers Marco and Paolo. Their beautiful, surreal and strange work fun and unexpected way turns our view of reality.

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