The 8 most popular fakes in the world

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Jun - 29 - 2011

Shoes, perfumes, banknotes, cigarette lighters, souvenirs and other things the most counterfeited.

In December last year, China began to sell the counterfeit version of your iPhone 5, and while fans of Apple-branded content with only brief statements about what will be the new iPhone, the Chinese have used their own model.
Perfumes and shampoo, laptops, and players, chocolate and mineral water, clock and car parts – now it is hardly possible to find at least one item that is not trying to be fake. The annual volume of counterfeit products in the world is estimated at $ 600 billion, the companies producing considerable damage is applied.

At the time, as the big brands are struggling with illegal copies, consumers are still tempted to buy counterfeit and – of course, for less money than the original. However, the government of New York in May, began discussing the law that buying fakes will face a fine or even imprisonment.
In the meantime, experts argue, will there in the coming years to clean counters from counterfeit products, Forbes magazine chose eight things that most often counterfeited.

Banknote € 50

Statistics fraud: Report of the European Central Bank
began to forge money almost as soon as they appeared. And from the XVII century, when Sweden launched the first edition of banknotes, to the point connected artists who painstakingly copied the original bill.
In January 2011, the European Central Bank published data on counterfeit euro banknotes, for the period from June to December 2010. The most popular among counterfeiters bill was € 50. Among the counterfeit euro banknotes, the volume of counterfeited bills in the € 50 is 43.5%. The second most popular counterfeit bill was € 20, and closed the top three in the € 100 banknote. Statistics in 2010 did not upset the European financiers, for the first time in four years, the number in circulation of counterfeit euro declined. Sorry, but Belgian authorities here the number of counterfeit money has doubled. Typically, counterfeiters caught is not to create a watermark and the quality of the paper. Paper for this bill is produced from cotton and linen, impregnated her fat and glycerin. Because of this paper is resistant to multiple folds and tears. Counterfeit bills also wear out quickly.

Souvenirs with symbols of the Olympic Games, Sochi 2014

Price of original: to be announced in summer 2011
price fake: from 18$ for a t-shirt with the Olympic logo

Olympic symbols – one of the most recognizable in the world, it is not surprising that in the Olympic Games of counterfeit goods manufacturers are focusing their attention on it. Each month a growing number of counterfeit goods with the symbol of the Sochi 2014, which has not even officially on sale. According to the Organizing Committee of the Games and the Federal Antimonopoly Service in 2010, was seized 72 000 units of counterfeit Olympic goods. Illegal production of goods with the symbol of the Olympic Games have been registered in 79 Russian regions, while the main imports come from China, Turkey and Kazakhstan. More than 70% of counterfeit Olympic had on clothes and shoes, you should follow the souvenirs and toys. Manufacturers are trying to do everything we can to protect consumers from fraud. First, the original goods with Olympic symbols will be sold only in retail stores Bosco Sport and will be marketed in summer 2011. Second, all things will be equipped with special holograms. And third, if you have any doubts about the authenticity of the purchased t-shirts, or plush toys, mascot Winter Games.

Lighters Zippo (model Solid Brass and Brushed Chrome)

Price Original: $ 14.95 from
counterfeiting Price: from $ 100

Annually in the U.S. city of Bradford is the original 12 million lighters Zippo. And much, according to Zippo Manufacturing Company, is available for sale counterfeit, made ​​in factories in China. Counterfeit Zippo lighters, the people got the nickname Ripp, and the price starts at $ 2, while the cost of the cheapest genuine Zippo – from $ 14.95. To distinguish the original from a fake lighter quite easily. The main thing that never offer manufacturers of counterfeit products, so it’s a lifetime warranty, which gives each buyer the company Zippo. Give such a guarantee in a pocket lighter was a bold move for 1933, when the first Zippo saw the light. But the creator of the Zippo lighters Bleysdell George took a gamble and not lost. Invented it a publicity stunt continues to attract buyers: Zippo lighters are any age is still in damage repaired free of charge by replacing all the necessary parts.

Cheese Emmentaler Switzerland

Price Original: $ 7.99 for 225 grams
Price forgery, from 3.5$ per 250 grams

Emmental is one of the most famous cheeses. It is not surprising that even before it reached the hands of manufacturers of counterfeit products. Today, the label cheese Emmental is made ​​in different countries around the world, as his name is not a registered trademark. But the real, solid, dotted with large holes in Emmental in the XII century original recipes are prepared only in the valley of the Emme in the Swiss canton of Bern. Local cheese is registered under the name of Emmentaler Switzerland. The number of fakes his year reaches 3000 tons. Such data are published by experts of Swiss research institute Agroscore Liebefeld-Posieux. In May 2011 representatives of the institution to initiate testing of the European and American merchants, who branded Emmentaler Switzerland offer consumers a fake low quality cheese. Emmental This is prepared only from the milk of alpine cattle feed in the spring and summer. Originally cheesemaker wait until the milk will curdle, and then mix the resulting mass and shape it in the head. Then sent to the maturing cheese, which can last up to 16 months. Fake Emmental, which experts call the “fast”, contains a thermally treated milk and cheese ripening period is reduced to two months.

Handbags Louis Vuitton (Louis Vuitton Speedy model and Louis Vuitton Alma)

Price forgery: $ 100
One of the most counterfeited fashion accessories are bags from Louis Vuitton. According to unofficial statistics, marketers, only 1% of products adorned with the brand’s monogram LV, not a counterfeit. According to official figures of the fashion house, about € 15 million spent annually to fight the producers of counterfeit goods. In 2008, according to the department for the protection of intellectual property of Louis Vuitton, the world was carried out raids in 8228 to identify illegal products, and in 2009 there were already more than 9000. The volume of counterfeit Louis Vuitton products are measured by the ton, from fake handbags are not insured even celebrities. So, Victoria Beckham appeared in one of the social events with a fake Louis Vuitton in their hands. Creative Director Marc Jacobs brand, noticing the counterfeit products in the hands of Beckham, sent her a present model bag with a note: “Honey, keep the brand.” In general, Marc Jacobs has its own original ideas, aimed at combating counterfeiting. In 2009, during the exhibition of the artist Takashi Murakami in Los Angeles, the original Louis Vuitton handbags can be found in street bazaars next to the fake. True, they were selling for $ 100, but for $ 4000-5000.

Shoes UGG (model and Classic Mini Classic Short)

Price original: $ 120
Price fake: $ 40

UGG boots Australian brands have entered into a global fashion a few years ago and since then the number of counterfeits produced is increasing every year. In addition to the release of new models and opening stores in various locations around the world, the brand also has an active struggle with the manufacturers of counterfeit products.
In early 2011 the company Deckers Outdoor Corporation, which acquired the brand in 1995 UGG, published data on counterfeiting in 2010. The biggest party of the “gray” goods, which included 244 000 pairs of boots UGG various models and colors, was seized in China. In Europe, the confiscation of counterfeit UGG at customs in comparison with 2009 increased by 245%. Brand owners could close the 4783 site, traded counterfeiting, as well as to remove from eBay and Amazon over 304 000 ads illegal boots.
Another problem faced by the brand UGG, a copy of his official website. Clones repeat exactly his design, but offer buyers counterfeit goods at lower prices. UGG boots to buy the original for $ 40-50 is not possible. Price easiest short boots in retail stores starting at $ 120.

Watches Rolex (model Rolex Oyster Perpetual, and Rolex Daytona)

Price of original: from $ 4,000
price fake: $ 10

Each year, Rolex produces roughly a million copies of a wristwatch. Each watch will receive a special certificate issued by the Swiss Institute for Testing and timepieces.
But beyond that, each year in underground factories in South-East Asia produced more than 40 million hours of Rolex – true, false. Such data for 2010 published Swiss Customs Service. Pirates cause considerable damage to the brand – last year it was $ 600 million at numerous sites on the Internet to buy a Rolex watch the latest model available for $ 50-60, and prices from street vendors can be completely $ 10. And this despite the fact that the price of the original Swiss watch brand starts from a few thousand dollars.

Perfume Chanel № 5

Price of original: from $ 95 per 7.5 ml
price fake: from 70$ per 50 ml

According to legend, Coco Chanel, having become acquainted with the former court of the Romanov family by perfumer Ernest Beaux, she asked him to create a scent that “smells like a woman.” Mademoiselle Chanel Perfume presented a choice of ten flavors, of which she chose the fifth. So the spirits appeared concise name Chanel № 5.
In 2011, the aroma was 90 years old. According to the rating Top Selling Fragrances, in 2010, these spirits took first place in popularity in France and fourth in the U.S..
Accordingly, as one of the most popular fragrances in the world, Chanel № 5 also has one of the first places on the number of fakes. According to the British anti-counterfeiting group, every third buyer becomes the owner of the world’s counterfeit vial of perfume. And the fake designs offer not only the street vendors, but even a network of large cosmetic stores. Most buyers are tempted by the low cost of counterfeiting, which typically does not exceed $ 20-30, while the real price of spirits in a bottle in the least amount starts at $ 95.

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