The beauty of Komodo island

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Dec - 17 - 2010

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Any time you plan to go to Indonesia, you also have to consider going to Komodo Island. The island is part of Komodo National Park and also it is the ancient area of komodo dragons. In addition, it is an excellent and popular diving location.

Komodo Island and other islands all-around Flores and Sumbawa are actually belong to another time and spot. Dry, rugged, covered in scrub and also palms. This is exactly only few degrees in the south of equator. It is actually the wonderful area for the environment of the world’s most terrific animal – Komodo Dragons.

Komodo dragon is the biggest types of lizard which only can be found in Indonesia. They can grow up to 3 meters long and more than 95Kg weight. Despite the fact that it’s huge, the Komodo dragon is agile to climb and swim. It’s one of the world’s most special animals and this is exactly why many people have a look at Komodo Island.

There are lots of varieties of marine life in the Komodo Island region. Both south and north are deep seas that bring plankton and numerous nutrients that fed the whole marine creature.

Komodo Island is clear and rich of plankton that provides food for the numerous marine species life and attracts dolphins and whales. It’s an excellent snorkeling and scuba diving because the coral reefs are in great condition. Pantai Merah (Red Beach) is a well-liked and extraordinary snorkeling region.

Komodo Island is stunning and distinctive region simply because it offers divers many choices of both temperate and tropical diving within the scant space of 10KM.

Simply because of its vastness, there are 2 seasons for diving komodo, the winter for the cooler and the summer for the warmer. The primary reason in enjoying diving Komodo Island is the visibility and in this regards, the north is more predictable.

Komodo Island is also the most effective place for numerous photographers to capture numerous moments simply because it offers you with spectacular views and much more wildlife like buffalo, horse, and more komodo dragon that up to three meters long. The Rinca Island, the part of Komodo National park also have beautiful view to see many kinds of wild issues like komodo dragon on trail region and nest of female to lie the egg on the heating season.

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