The contents of refrigerators residents of different countries

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May - 10 - 2011

Photographer Stephanie de Rouge has provided extremely interesting collection of photographs entitled “What’s in your fridge.” Next photo compares the people and their refrigerators with food in them. These photos will make everyone think about what the contents of your refrigerator may tell you.

Drawing on his research, such metropolises as New York and Paris, Rouge experienced his journalistic eye was looking in the fridge to answer the following questions: What in general can tell the contents in it? Is it possible to determine which culture belongs to the man? Does the tense rhythm of urban life affects on the food culture in general?
Stephanie wants to expand the project photos from other big cities in the world and provide the viewer for further consideration and comparison.
An interesting fact is that in the process of selection of material, not all people are allowed to do a photo of their refrigerators, which forced the author to reflect on what might refrigerator and its contents is a mirror of the soul of man?
And if she came to your house, you would have allowed her to look in your fridge?

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