“The Flying Dutchman” – a legend or reality?

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Jan - 9 - 2012

Legend of the Flying Dutchman spreads among the sailors from generation to generation. Only the thought of Flying Dutchman heart starts to beat faster. Shrouded in mystery and romance of the history of this ship is not indifferent to the many historians and scholars. Legend incredibly poetic, as you can see for yourself.

In the distant XVI and maybe in the XVII century, led by an experienced captain,passenger ship flew over the waves heading back via the Cape of Good Hope in southern Africa. As the ship approached the Cape – a violent storm raged. The team turned to the captain with a request to moor and wait out bad weather. But the captain refused. Perhaps he was drunk or even lost his mind. He promised the team that by all means,they will go around the cape. Those who disagree with the decision of the captain set a goal to neutralize the desperate captain. But it so happened that the captain of the rebels outwit, catching the leader of the revolt and fed fish with him.

Legend says that this treacherous act angered God. And it so happened that in a moment he parted the heavens with a bright flame, from which there was a dark shadow descended on the deck of the ship. The captain decided to use weapons of and discourage an approaching shadow. Gun in captains hands burst into smaller particles. Unmoved and undaunted voice of shadow sentence uttered. “You are cruel and heartless master. Now the wine you will be bile, and food – iron. You will be cursed forever. “After these words, men become half-decayed skeletons, and the captain – Flying Dutchman. God is in no hurry to forgive him.

The Flying Dutchman flies in all the maritime spaces. Ghost ship – a forerunner of certain death for the ship. Sailors today are afraid of ghost ship, so nailed to masts horseshoe – for luck.

Correctly believe that the above story has some historical background. Everyone knows that the actual facts lose their “edge” under cover of time.

The basis of the legend is taken from a true story which took place in 1641 with a merchant vessel. It has tried to round the Cape in search of a suitable location for settlement, which was to become a point of rest for the ships of the East India Company. A strong storm did not stop the energetic captain.The captain longed to get on the eastern side of the cape and make it a going even if it takes time until the end of the world. The Devil heard his words and decided to help. Giving eternal “life.”

There is another option, more real at the end of 1770, the island of Malta moored ship the whole team. Including the captain were infected with yellow fever. Grand Master of the Order of Malta ordered to tow the ship from the port, together with a cross on it 23 people. The vessel sailed to Tunis, but there have already been warned and do not let the ship into port. In Naples, where the crew was cast off later. Sailfish are also not allowed. The same thing happened in France and in England. The team was slowly dying.

Flying Dutchman nearly met the British ship “Bacchante” in 1881, on board at that time was a young prince. Everything was ok. Fate gave the prince a long life. Prince became King George V.

Mythical ghost ship was seen even in the XX century. In March 1939, he was seen by South African swimmers. On that day, it was written about it in many newspapers.

Very often, in the seas and oceans meet a ship without a team of sailors and the captain. To explain these findings is difficult.

What’s going on with teams of ships? There are many hypotheses about this, since the exotic – the kidnapping of extraterrestrial beings, the transition of people into a parallel world, another dimension, attacking sea monsters, but there are quite possible: mass poisoning or epidemic, or the crew was washed overboard, pirate attack, or of a powerful ultrasound radiation.What happens in reality? That is something we probably do not know. The ocean is very well kept secret.

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