The groom gave the bride an engagement ring with his own tooth instead of a diamond

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Nov - 5 - 2015

California couple Carly Leyfkes and Lukas Unger never has a traditional outlook on life, so they decided the wedding will not be traditional. If this wedding is unusual, why the wedding ring should be traditional?

The couple is very proud of the fact that their appearance and attitudes are far from traditional public standards.

Therefore, Lucas decided to make an offer to Carly on Halloween

But instead of the usual wedding ring he gave her a ring, in which instead of the diamond adorned is his tooth

The couple met at a music festival in his native Canada

“When we talked about it, I said that diamonds are too overrated. Zodiac stone of my sign is a diamond, and I do not need another one to prove that he loves me. He has come to me from Canada to prove it!” – said Carly

After Lucas’ dad sent him his tooth that was removed in his youth, they immediately went to a jeweler to see if he can make something unique.

Although they came up with this ring, Lucas has not allowed Carly to see it until on Halloween he got down on one knee in front of the whole family and asked her the big question

“He told them that he does not plan to buy a diamond ring. To which they replied:” You have never been a traditional pair! So why start now !? “”

The couple plans to get married in Las Vegas, where the priest will be one of the local “Elvis”

“My ring is clearly distinguished from all others that I have seen. It’s like a competition who has the largest ring. And I have the coolest ring from all that I’ve ever seen in my life ! “- said Carly

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