The life of illegal immigrants

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Jul - 21 - 2011

The three younger children were born Jeannette Vizguerra in Denver. One of the several million illegal immigrants living in the United States, Vizguerra first arrived in Colorado from Mexico with her husband and first child of fourteen years earlier. To date, it was – an activist for human rights, dealing with the rights of migrant workers rights “for all people.” In addition, it owns a company that provides janitorial services. Jeannette Vizguerra says always paid state and federal income tax purposes. Two years earlier, her patrol car stopped the car for driving with expired documents. Jeannette went to jail, where the lack of a corresponding document could not prove their legal status of migrants. As a result, she appeared before a federal court in Denver, and her face forced deportation.

The photograph – Mexican illegal immigrant without papers Jeannette Vizguerra embrace his birth in the United States, children aged seven years and five Roberto Luna, 10 July, Denver, Colorado. Jeannette Vizguerra was released from prison on bail. She says that, if deported, the children must remain in the United States, and her husband Salvador.

Jeannette Vizguerra speaks at a meeting of members of the Mexican community in Denver, speaking on issues of migrant rights 10th July Denver.

Jeannette Vizguerra at work – it takes away in a residential home 21st May the Aurora, Colorado. Jeannette Vizguerra owner of a small company that provides janitorial services. Her husband is a truck driver Salvador and operated company providing transportation services in furniture and home furnishings in the event of relocation.

Jeannette Vizguerra the purchase of seven years, accompanied by daughter Moon in a Mexican store in Aurora, Colorado, 11 July. The Mexican diaspora in Colorado are very numerous, so there are many shops, including grocery stores, offering its customers a wide range of products of Mexican production.

Jeannette Vizguerra unloading shopping from the car 11th July in Aurora, Colorado.

Jeannette Vizguerra dinner with his family, 10 July in Denver. While she continues to prove in court their right to stay in the U.S., her husband, Salvador, who came to Mexico Bole fourteen years ago, never became a subject of attention of the police dealing with migrants and services and no one demands his immediate deportation.

Four and seven years Vizguerra Vizguerra Robert Moon, children of Mexican immigrants play in Vizguerri Jeannette, and their mother talks with the Mexican Consulate in Denver, 23rd May 2011. Jeannette Vizguerra said that they had to go to the consulate for help after the first had been detained by police for more than two years. However, consular officials are in contact with him recently, after learning that her case was under active consideration by the courts and authorities.

Five months Vizguerra Zuri, who was born in the United States, looking at his mother Jeannette Vizguerru, 10 July Denver. Jeannette Vizguerra categorically rejects the accusation against her that she gave birth to children in the United States in particular to the in such cases, the benefits package. Woman says she never had any social privileges, even coupons for food at the concession.

Seven years Vizguerra Moon, who was born in the illegal migrants from Mexico and the United States, in accordance with the laws of this country, which is a U.S. citizen, looking out the window of the family home 11th July in Aurora, Colorado.

Jeannette Vizguerra, her husband, Salvador, accompanied by her children, seven months and five Roberto, go on to discuss the issues of immigration, which is held in the Federal Court on 13 July in Denver, Colorado. Imposed by the court verdict said that the final decision on the possible deportation of Jeannette Vizguerri will be no earlier than October this year, so that the family is still several months of complete uncertainty.

People who came to support Vizguerru Jeannette, standing under the windows of the building of the Federal Court, where hearings on her case, 13 July in Denver. All groups of workers in Aurora, Colorado, stood on the support of Jeannette Vizguerri.

Alarmed by the results of discussions on the topic of forced deportation Vizguerra Janet said that state prosecutors have resorted to the humiliation of trying to get rid of their determination to remain in the United States and put women in a false light before the final decision of judges. As a result, families are still a few months of trials – his final verdict on his wife and mother has promised to make the court early October.

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