The most amazing anomalies of nature

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Dec - 19 - 2011

There are many unexplained natural phenomena on our planet. No matter how hard the scientists try, many mysteries, not only is not solved, but they do not even have the alleged “key” that would reveal the secret. For example, a waterfall in the Chinese province of Shaanxi. The water in the waterfall does not freeze even at -30 ° C, but in summer, on a completely inexplicable reasons a powerful stream of water freezes. Old-timers say that this phenomenon was repeated 50 years ago.

In Taldykurganskoy region of Kazakhstan is sort of a tiny pool,the size of only 100 × 60 meters. Despite its size, it is the anomaly of nature . The water turns into ice even in the hottest period, and the water never dries up. There are no fish, algae do not grow too, and divers have been attempting to solve the riddle of the anomalies, choking on the third minute of being under water, and this is when containers are full of air.

Indian Assam valley has become famous, also known as the “Valley of the falling birds.” Moreover, it is not beautiful epithet associated with a romantic history, and the actions that occur in reality. From year to year, in august here is “rain” of birds. In the semi-conscious state bird falls to the ground and not try to escape from human hands, if they are lifted.

Through research, scientists are not seriously interested in almost the same size and similar contours of Antarctica and the Arctic Ocean. Based on the impressive results have been put forward no explanation is found. Scientists have suggested that the meteorite fell to Earth and literally “squeezed” the continent of Antarctica from the opposite side of the planet. Despite its fantastic, this hypothesis found many supporters.

Vulemi – prehistoric pine trees that grow on our planet for 150 million years. Until recently vulemi in Australia was a state secret. But when they came to the conclusion that prehistoric treasure might disappear, the Australian government has organized the sale of pine seedlings.

Another anomaly is the natural iridium, located near Rome. Geological layer lies at the boundary between the Mesozoic and Cenozoic geological layers. That coincides with the extinction of the dinosaurs. These natural anomalies were discovered in Spain, Denmark and the coast of the Caspian Sea. Scientists are inclined to the fall of the meteorite, which led to the extinction of the giant and left iridium.

Thunder baldness – the name given to a phenomenon that occurs after lightning hit the ground. What is this ? In the place of lightning strike a zone of high voltage that can be up to several minutes. If a person gets in “thunderous baldness,” he may die, though, in fact, lightning is not even hooked.

The action of the last in the list, but the most incredible natural anomaly takes place on the island of Crete and it is called “Drossolides,” which means “drop of water.” In mid-summer in the wee hours, at the very moment when the air is filled with droplets of fog near the castle of Frank Costello looming mirage bloody battle. Eyewitnesses heard a mirage accompanied by shouts and clash of arms. Translucent battle scenes occur over the sea and slowly approaching the castle, eventually disappearing into its walls.

It was here, about 150 years ago fought a battle of Greeks and Turks. Perhaps the historical events are lost in the information field of the Earth and come up with new force.

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