The most expensive cigars

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Oct - 13 - 2015

These cigars are usually associated with wealth and luxury. Each cigar, except that differ in taste and flavor, has its own character. In this list you will see a cigar that you can not buy for $ 5, some cigars are really special and just prohibitively expensive.

Louixs ($ 50 per cigar)

These big cigars manufactures Metropolitan Goldwyn Company in Nicaragua. Portrait on them – King Louis XIV – gives them exclusively royal appearance. How nice is to smoke this cigar in the cozy café or bar with a glass of cognac.

Opus X BBMF by Arturo Fuente ($ 55 per cigar)

Opus X Cigars BBMF are very popular. They are not easy to find. They are made by Arturo Fuente, which is known to produce excellent cigars. According to many cigar lovers, no one makes cigars more scrupulously than Arturo Fuente.

Arturo Fuente Don AnniverXario (7500 dollars per box)

These wonderful cigars are manufactured since 2001. The box comes with a 46 wrapped cigars.

Arturo Fuente Opus X “A” ($ 79 per cigar)

These cigars that are sold individually, and are extremely rare. This is one reason why they are so expensive. They are produced in the largest line of factories Opus X. Due to the amount of 23 centimeters, these cigars are the real monsters. They have a mild flavor with the aroma of jalapeno.

Cohiba Behike (18800 dollars per box)

Cohiba is the most famous brand of cigars in Cuba. Cohiba cigar presented 19 centimeter Behike in 2006, limited edition; only sold about 100 boxes.

Gurkha Reserve His Majesty (750 dollars per cigar, 14,999 dollars per box)

Few can match the handmade Gurkha cigars. Gurkha NMR is a rare and special cigar. For years, fans of cigars are waiting for when they will be able to purchase these beautiful cigars, produced annually. NMR Cigars are a mixture of sheets of 15-year-old Connecticut Maduro tobacco with 12 years of Dominican tobacco.

Gurkha Black Dragon ($ 23,000 per box)

These cigars are considered among the best in the world. Cigar Gurkha Black Dragon. These cigars are individually packaged in opaque tubes and placed in a leather box with layers of orange velvet.

The King of Denmark (4500 dollars per cigar)

Cigars King of Denmark encrusted Swarovski crystals and decorated with graffiti of the 24-carat gold leaf. They can be customized to your liking. You can order to have your name written in gold on cigars.

Gran-Habano 5 El Gigante (185,000 dollars per cigar)

Launched in 1929, El Gigante is the largest cigar in the world. All in all it was spent 63 kilograms of tobaco producing it and it was released specially for the exhibition.

Mayan Sicars (507,000 dollars per box)

Mayan Sicars were sold at auction for 507,000 dollars. They were discovered by archaeologists from the University of Tampa during the excavation of buildings in Guatemala. Even if these cigars are about 600 years old, they are so well preserved that you can smoke them.

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