The most famous criminal duos

Dec - 13 - 2011

Robert Thompson and Jon Venabls.
This is a young couple in a criminal history. Robert Thompson and Jon Venabls at age 10 for fun, beaten to death two year old baby. The murderers were sentenced to indefinite imprisonment, and all these years were in the detention center. They were later released.

Dick Hickock and Perry Smith.
In 1959, Dick Hickock and Perry Smith broke into the family home in the town of Holcomb to take the safe with $ 10,000. Saif has never been found, but they managed to shoot four people.The couple has been sentenced to death.

Bonnie and Clyde.
This is a pair of famous American robbers operating in the Great Depression. This is perhaps one of the most famous duos of the underworld who have committed some great crime. Were shot dead by FBI agents.

Menendez brothers.
Lyle and Erik Menendez shot their parents in their mansion in Beverly Hills in 1989. The brothers bought the tickets at a local movie theater to be used as an alibi. In subsequent months, the brothers led a luxurious life, thus leading to suspicions of the police that they were involved in the murder of their parents. Prosecutors later alleged that the brothers have spent approximately $ 1 million for the first six months. Both brothers were subsequently sentenced to life imprisonment in jail.

The murderers of Columbine.
In 1999, two students named Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold staged at a local school massacre. 13 people were killed and more than 20 people were seriously injured. Shooting classmates, teenagers commit suicide.

Nathan Leopold and Richard Loeb
Leopold and Loeb – criminals who have committed one of the most famous murders in the United States. Both of them were interested in the ideas of Nietzsche and saw themselves as “supermen.” In this regard, they have matured the idea to commit the perfect crime. They made a plan of kidnapping for ransom a relative of Loeb – 14-year-old Bobby Franks, and then killing the boy.

Washington snipers.
Lee Boyd Malvo and John Allen Muhammad – a pair that is responsible for killing 13 people in Washington. It lasted three weeks. Men were talking with two radios. When choosing victims they were motivated only by accident. Muhammad and Malvo were found sleeping in the car, where they were took by the feds.

Frank and Jesse James.
The two brothers carried out their criminal activities in the Wild West during the Civil War. One of their most horrible – arranged massacre in Missouri. There have killed over 23 people, most of whom were then scalped and dismembered. After the war, Frank and Jesse began robbing banks, trains, shops in Iowa, Texas, Alabama.

“The Lonely Hearts Killers” .
Raymond Fernandez and Martha Beck, known as The Lonely Hearts Killers,were accused of killing 20 women. They usually targeted single women, whom they found on the dating ads . In the end, a couple was arrested after they murdered the widow and her son. They were sentenced to death by electric chair.

Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.
These are two of the legendary Wild West gunman, who attacked banks and trains. From 1896-1901 the gang robbed about a dozen trains. In 1901, Cassidy, along with Sundance and his wife fled from New York to Argentina. There they lived peacefully for several years working on the ranch, but in 1901 they returned to their previous occupation. In 1908 they were captured by Bolivian soldiers.

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