The most foolish folk cures

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Sep - 4 - 2011

Methods and techniques of alternative medicine – more than the languages ​​and people, and almost more than the approved drugs .

A method of treating all afflictions of the Indonesian Karenina

There are departmental hospitals railroad, and citizens of the healers of the tropical Indonesian railway invented simple method of healing from a variety of insidious ailments – from diabetes to chronic pain from cancer to asthma.

Meek Indonesians believe in the healing aura of iron rails that produce little electricity. Mass treatment sessions take place in plain sight in the capital of the country, the city of Jakarta.

Initiated the procedure for this very fashionable and a half years ago, a taxi driver who went on the track, missed through a non-lethal volts and allegedly recovered from paralysis. And now, early mornings near the station Chenkareng can contemplate 10-15 people of different sexes and ages who rely on railtherapy – if only because the procedure is free.

Nuclear panacea in the Czech style

Godmother of radioactive metals , Maria Sklodowska-Curie died before the fate of metered time, because wearing a pendant on the chest pieces of dangerous isotope. After Hiroshima and Chernobyl at the word “radiation”, most people are have no good association. However, every year 20 thousand people come to the Czech town, to bathe in radioactive Vodice, which springs from a uranium mine strikes. The water contains radon gas. It is believed that its breakdown products can cure arthritis or lupus notorious. And instead of getting lung cancer or “male virtues”, as tourist brochures prefer to keep quiet, softly, softly does not encourage you to post in Jáchymov neurotic cancer patients and pregnant women.

Treatment of creeping creeping in Israel

In the north of Israel is an unusual farm, the owner is Ada Barak who breeds carnivorous plants. Ada Barak likes snakes, and she did not once saved reptiles from devouring prey flowers , for that bare reptiles farm owner was treated honestly and thankfully their luck, working … masseurs.

In each session of therapy, the snake is involved up to a dozen creatures different weights and sizes. Mrs. Barak makes them non-toxic , crawling over naked belly, neck, back of its customers. They say that good procedure relaxes and energizes the body, and also allows to cope with the symptoms of some diseases, like a cold compress or acupuncture. Therapy session is $ 80.

Therapy baths with bird poop in chocolate

Incredible carved mi

There are only 135 known miniature boxwood carvings known to ...

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