The most unusual bridges in the world

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May - 30 - 2011

Bridges are among the most complex architectural structures. And because the construction of each bridge is challenge to architects, designers and engineers who should be the maximum use of their knowledge and talents to build a really robust and elegant construction. That’s what architectural and an engineering masterpiece is just dedicated to our review of the most unusual bridges in the world, which is an extension a similar survey two years ago, shows us in a literal sense, the architecture of the mark.

Wind and solar bridge Solar Wind

In the Italian region of Calabria is a design competition conversion of the old bridge, going through the canyon, into something new. Architects Francesco Colarossi (Francesco Colarossi), Saracens Giovanna (Giovanna Saracino) Louis and Saracens (Luisa Saracino) submitted to this contest your project called Solar Wind, implying
transformation of this building in wind and solar power, from which will feed on several neighboring towns.


The German architectural firm GERB Engineers has built in Germany, a very unusual bridge. It looks like a huge construction dragon, towering over the surrounding area, on the back which is just drive cars.

Bridge for animals

But Denver authorities do not care about cars and even on pedestrians, but the animals and insects, which are very hard life, when their timber crosses a busy highway. That’s zverushek and will create a bridge connecting the two parts of each forest
cut by highway I-70 West.


The Egyptian pyramids are a clear refutation of the belief that the sand can not build anything eternal. Apparently, the creators of Bridge Krusrak, located in the Netherlands, are hoping that their child would stand no less than the pharaohs. After all, this bridge
placed just in the form of a pyramid.

Bridge and “lefties” and “righties”

Despite the fact that China and Hong Kong are now one country, the movement in China – right, and in Hong Kong – the left. And this creates a special inconvenience in crossing the administrative border between them. Therefore construct a bridge between a cunning construction, when driving a car that automatically changes its position relative to lane on the road.

Spiral Bridge

Even more strange is the structure of the bridge, built architectural firm WXY Architecture in the Chinese province of Sichuan. If looking for something as visually similar to this unusual bridge, it’s probably the closest to it will be double helix DNA molecule.

Bridge over the Thames – a new avenue in London

In central London, as in the heart of any major city on Earth, there is absolutely no space for further development. Therefore, the architect James Gardner (James Gardener) proposes to develop still virtually untouched expanses of water. As example, he cites his project modular bridge High Tide Street, which becomes the new London-based Boulevard. At the same modules, of which it will be, will be cafes, shops, theaters, libraries and other institutions and agencies.

Football bridge from Adidas

The company Adidas has built for his money unusual footbridge crossing the busy highway. This bridge is unusual in that looks like a keeper soccer team (namely, the legendary German goalkeeper Oliver Kahn), Warped in the jump for flying at the gates of the ball.

Incredible carved mi

There are only 135 known miniature boxwood carvings known to ...

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