The most unusual homes

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Jun - 12 - 2011

Ever since the primitive communal system, the interiors of homes were a reflection of status in society, pointing to the social status and responding to psychological and physical needs of man. However, as time went on and under the influence and inspiration in the development of science and technology initially modest and spartan dwelling people has changed beyond recognition. Evolution has led to changes not only in individual elements of decor or design – have changed the home as a whole, in obedience to unchecked human desire to diversify and to arrange your life.
We present a selection of twenty most unusual and extravagant and quaint houses in the world. Who knows – maybe you also want to change your home when you see them?

«Maison Gaudet» – houses in the form of bubbles. It is located in the south of France. A draft of this residential complex was designed by architect Antti antikonformistom Lovag who did not even have the diploma of the architect. Antti Lovag engaged in the construction of a residential complex after the establishment of an experimental model in 1969.

“House-mushroom”, also known as “house-tree”, which was built in Hyde Park, one of the areas of the city of Cincinnati, Ohio, USA. This house was designed by architect Terry Brown, who is a professor of architecture and design of architectural environment, and contingent faculty member at the University of Cincinnati. University students also participated in the creation of this project.

«Casa da pedra» or, literally, “House of Stone”, which is built inside a rock in the mountains Fafe in Portugal.

Building material for this house served as the empty beer cans. It is located in Houston, USA. John Milkovich, a former employee of Southern Pacific Railway, began building this house in 1968. One facade of the house took about fifty thousand cans.

“House-shoe” in Pennsylvania, USA. “House-shoe was built in Pennsylvania in 1948 for promotional purposes shoe-maker, Colonel N. Malone Hynes. So in an unusual way, he decided to advertise themselves and their services.

House in a futuristic style depicts a flying saucer. It is located in Frisco, North Carolina, USA. The draft of this unusual circular prefabricated buildings was developed Matti Suuronenom. Construction materials for it served as plastics and fiberglass.

House to the entrance, reminiscent of the cosmic black hole, located in Texas, USA. This house, known as “home-abyss”, located in Montrose, one of the areas of Houston, Texas. In fact, it was the installation, arranged on the facade of the house, which was intended for demolition, and which has recently been razed to the ground.

“House-shell is located on the beach in Isla Mujeres, Mexico. “House-shell” – an elite cottage, designed for rental wealthy clients. From the windows of the house offers wonderful views of the ocean.

“House-barrel” is in Michigan, USA. This two-storey cottage consists of two cylinders. The idea of ​​creating such a house blew a tiny character from the movie, who lived in a barrel.

«Kubuswoningen» or “House-cube” – is an apartment complex in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. This apartment complex is the epitome of progressive ideas of the construction of residential buildings and was designed by architect Piet Blom in 1984. The complex is a solid structure, which consists of two “megakubov and thirty-eight cubes of smaller size.

“House Changeling” is located in Trassenheide, Germany. Even the furniture in this building nailed to the ceiling.

“Steel House”, built by architect and sculptor Robert Bruno, who is in Ransom Canyon, Texas, USA.

“Old Mill” – the legendary symbol of the city of Vernon, France. This house was built on the pillars of the destroyed bridge over the Seine. That this house served as a source of inspiration for many artists, including Claude Monet.

“Twisted House” located at the Center for Arts in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA. The author of this building, which served as material for cedar, is John McNaughton of Evansville.

House with a huge goose, conveniently located on the roof, is located in Kentucky, USA. “House-goose” was built by George Stesi in 1940. The house project was supposed eight windows ovoid, and instead of eyes at Goose mounted headlights.

Very small house built on stilts. This is truly an ideal solution for individuals and hermits, seeking to isolate themselves from civilization. Simply remove the ladder inside – and there are no intruders. Perfect!

House in the form of a flying saucer built in the woods, Tennessee, USA. This house is a spaceship made of concrete. It is even coming down the ladder, which will lead you straight to the bar.

The hotel is in the form of an unusual shape of the tree. A draft of this quaint hotel has been compiled by the artist-avangardistkoy Dang Viet Nga, which failed to implement such an extravagant idea, nor is it the daughter of the successor to Ho Chi Minh. Locals call this building “madhouse.”

“House in the Clouds” – is the result of the reconstruction the water tower in the town of Thorpeness, United Kingdom. “House in the Clouds” was built in 1923. Initially, this five-story building served as the water tower. The unusual appearance of the water tower because its creators did not want it to be a dreary industrial facility. Water tank was hidden inside the building, but later, when in Thorpeness was held water, the tank dismantled and turned into building additional living space.

Residential Complex “Habitat 67″ is located in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. The authorship of this project by the architect Moshe Safdi. Theoretical basis for an unusual structure is Safdi Master’s thesis, which he defended in the name of McGill University. In addition, the project took part in the exhibition “Expo 67″. The architect was trying to demonstrate the lifestyle of the inhabitants of the densely populated metropolitan cities.

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