The secret city of Oak Ridge

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Jul - 6 - 2012

September 17, 1943, the U.S. government launched a nuclear project, codenamed “Project Manhattan”. Preparations for its implementation has begun a year earlier. In this article we will tell you about a secret place.

It was not the first project of its kind among Americans. Before that was “Uranium Project”, which lasted until 1939. For the “Manhattan Project” was created a team of scientists, including the Dane Niels Bohr. He was taken out from the Nazi-occupied Denmark. For the project was purchased by more than 24 thousand hectares of land in Tennessee. The newly established town of Oak Ridge was surrounded by guards and is equipped with outposts. In the town lived and worked for more than 10 000 employees with families. Most of the rank and file employees were unaware of the ultimate goal of their work, while in 1945 there was no bombing of Japan.

In the background uranium enrichment plant K-25. For several years he was considered the largest building in the world.

Lie-detector test – a mandatory component of the security services.

Billboard at Oak Ridge, it is recommended that you see, did you hear – leave here if going away.

Photos from the factory Y-12 in calutron-operator. It was digested with uranium, but the women who worked there were not even aware that they do.

Maintenance workers at the factory K-25.

Track calutron. Bright plates of silver.

Here is the father of the atomic bomb – Robert Oppenheimer.

Temporary barracks – the main place of residence of workers of the project. For three years (1942-45) the population in Oak Ridge will grow from three to 75-thousand.

Young local entrepreneur.

Workers from a local factory. In the background another shield with the promotion of “silence.”

Billboard on military issues, in January 1944. There are psychological reactions to the training of future bombings.

The main block of the plant control room K-25.

Welder working in the same plant.

Hall Children’s Club – the only real place of entertainment for children.

Kids test flight simulator.

The general plan of the factory K-25, covering nearly 18 hectares. It was produced uranium for the first nuclear weapons.

Joy Jackson Square on August 6, 1945. This is the day the bombing of Japan.

X-10 – the world’s first graphite reactor of continuous operation.

In April 1959, the year the inhabitants of the city voted for the withdrawal of military control over Oak Ridge. Fences were removed, while the city appeared electoral bodies of local authorities.

View of K-25 in 1960.

All these pictures were taken by Ed Westcott (pictured), who was the first photographer to receive permission to shoot. He still lives in Oak Ridge, and recently celebrated its 90th anniversary.

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